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International Coffee Day Special

Coffee is the most loved beverages in the world.If you are a coffee lover , I don’t need to tell you what a cup of ☕ Coffee means to you.A Coffee date had been one of the most romantic conversations one can have because you don’t have to focus on food , all you need to do is just keep sipping some aromatic coffee while your eyes are glued on the face of your loved ones and this definitely fuels romance while having a conversation.Every year 1st October across the world is celebrated as International coffee day and this day recognises the millions of people across the globe from farmers, to roasters, baristas, coffee shop owners and more this day, people across the world recognize the efforts of those who are associated with the coffee industry.

So here I am collating my recent coffee experiences.During lockdown since visiting a cafe was not an option I explored a lot of Coffee at home and tried so many brands
that i was surprised & wondered why have I not done this before, So here’s to all the Coffee I had in just few months.

Nescafe – This needs no introduction infact for a very long time Nescafe was my synonym to Coffee.And every year this coffee makes it to my kitchen as my mother in law loves this Coffee.

Continental Coffee – A few years back I was travelling to Hyderabad and a friend asked me to pick the continental Coffee for him, out of curosity I picked a few for myself wondering whats the difference in this and other coffee.

To my surprise now me and my mother in law we are both hooked on to this coffee for a very long time.the flavour of this unique coffee blend will linger longer after the coffee is consumed and that makes this special. I tried my hands on their special pack – Black Edition, 100% pure freeze-dried coffee and it was good. Though it lost its Aroma after sometime of opening the Jar. probably because I switch to another coffee and thinking I will consume this later and when I came back to it 50% of the aroma was gone.

iD Instant Filter Coffee – If its about Filter coffee no one does it better than the south India and for me the best one is at the Madras cafe. I love my stop over at various airports where there is a Madras Cafe coffee outlet.But during lock down there was no travel and I discovered this Aromatic, strong, flavourful Instant Filter Coffee. And now here’s something new to expect from a cup of filter coffee – it’s Instant! iD takes care of the selection of prime beans, the roasting and grinding, the filtering and steeping, so you’ll enjoy an aromatic, flavourful decoction straight out of the pack. Blend with hot milk and your traditional cup of delicious filter coffee is ready. Just like the good old days and in no time at all.

Check Out the Link to Buy on Amazon

Easy Pour by Blue Tokai : If you have tried everything and nothing is giving you much comfort like a cafe than this is your thing, A Easy Pour Sachet from Blue Tokai. Single-serve Easy Pour sachets make brewing speciality coffee more convenient than ever before. You don’t need equipment, just a couple of minutes to make great tasting, craft coffee at your desk or home. I have to thank my colleague Priyanka from my office for keep pouring this to me Everytime I am in the office.

Each sachet contains a filter that is filled with ground coffee , that is nitrogen-flushed and sealed to preserve freshness.
Place the filter on your cup using the side anchors to hold it in place.Open the Coffee bag at the marked perforation. Slowly fill the filter two to three times to make yourself great-tasting coffee, without any compromise on quality! Check out the entire range of flavors and roasts here

Rage Coffee – If you have not heard about this coffee than there is something that you are seriously missing as this rage is making quite a wave.
Tried my hands on Dark Coffee flavour of this super energy coffee thats more than just coffee, it a health loaded coffee thats loaded and infused with essential minerals and vitamins.

You can <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="http:// ” target=”_blank”>buy the coffee here

I had the Black coffee and Milk based coffee and both are simply great, recently i tempered it with a cocoa powder and it tasted so good. Check out the complete blog on Rage coffee here

Almond coffee by TeaChar
Well I never heard of this combination, so when given a choice I was quick to ask for Almond Coffee.I just loved the taste of this Perfect blend of coffee. You can Buy the Coffee Here
Came in a nice air tight pack that was loaded with a strong aroma of coffee.
Check out my Blog on TeaChar Tea & Coffee Range

Hazzlenut Coffee by Tea Char :This is yet another roasted coffee from Teachar and is absolutely great on taste for Hazzlenut lovers. Since I am not a Hazzle nut person So I prefered Almond light roast better from TeaChar


Tata coffee Grand : these days flavour locked decoction crystals are a thing in coffee so this Tata Grand coffee comes with a promise of unlocking the freshness.this was my first time with this coffee should not really sure how good it was but it definitely tastes good. You can Buy the Coffee HERE

This International Coffee Day leaving you with all this coffee to ponder upon and to tell me in the performance if there is in coffee which you have not tried before and you got to know about it from this blog would be looking forward for your favourite coffee in the comments. And wishing you a very happy International Coffee Day

Keep sipping ! Keep clicking & stay coffeelicious

Prisha Lalwani
IG: @mummasauruss
FB: /mummasaurus1

This blog part of the blog train hosted by Ms Prisha you you can check out her blog Here , along with me here is another mother Seema and she has posted an amazing blog on how to take your child to the pediatrician – Read it here & Another awesome blog by Sanandita on colorbar glitter lip gloss

9 comments on “International Coffee Day Special

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  2. I am a coffee lover and loved all that you described in detail in this post! Thanks for this 🙂

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  3. Amritha Srinath

    Wow, i am definitely a cofee lover and I can’t tell you how elated I feel after reading your post. Some of the brands you mentioned are my favorites too. Although, being a South Indian brewing fresh filter coffee and taking a hot sip is whatt I would prefer over others. Ypu must try Narasu’s coffee from Kumbakonam. It tastes divine too.

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  4. Thanks for the coffeelicious post I have nee brNds to try out

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  5. I got the habit of drinking Americano from my husband. After kids it became a necessity as it’s the fuel that keeps tired Mamas going 😄. Bru is our favourite as the flavor is amazing.

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