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Dine at DLF Cyberhub like Never Before

Pandemic has changed a lot but what it could not change is the spirit of the people to not give up. Embracing the new normal of dine in , #Gurgaon is back with a bang and so is their favourite place, Yes ! you got it right party people we are talking of our favourite hangout in Gurgaon when it comes to having GOOD TIMES.And we call it the happiness Hub – #DLFCYBERHUB. So as usual here we are help you plan your weekend Lunch / Dinner outing at DLF Cyberhub and here’s all that you need to know before you hit out. Lets take you through the announcement video by the mall that may give you a perspective of how buzzing and safe this place is, all over again.

Now lets check out the places that are open for dine in , not only dine in few outlets have gone ahead with advances deliveries following the safety norms as per the WHO guidelines, and also easy Do it Yourself kits of partial food preparations that you can order and have the party going at your home.


#BurmaBurma where ever you are, to make everyday fun. No matter what the day and occasion, with food that gives you a reason to celebrate the little and big things in life. It is never just about a ‘dish’ or the cuisine we serve. If you think about it, food takes hours to prepare but only minutes to eat. But what you savour forever is the experience, of how something made you feel! We know how special dining at Burma Burma makes you feel, and wanted that experience to transcend the confines of our restaurants to be with you in your everyday life. Because after all we’ve been through this year, we deserve for nothing but ‘happiness’ to become the new normal!Cherish the ‘mundane’, embrace the ‘routine’ and celebrate the good times.

You know what makes Saturday more exciting? It’s the endless possibilities of the Sunday to come. Let us make it even more worthy of looking forward to! Bring in your Sundays with Burma Burma with a menu we especially curated for you, perfect for your favourite day of the week! You can Order your favourite Burmese dishes in the comfort of your home or try our especially curated #Sunday Menu

1. Original bubble tea and sea buckthorn mary

2. Raw mango salad

3. Chilly tangy chickpea tohu

4. Crunchy tofu buns

5. Shan khowsuey

6. Grilled sticky rice

To Get your food directly delivered to your doorstep. you can connect with them on WhatsApp +91-750-606-1460

Looking for something healthy and light yet hearty and delicious? Made with rice noodles and tied together with a flavourful clear broth, the Shan Khowsuey should be your go-to choice. It is a delicacy from the Shan region in Burma. The rice noodles are perfectly complimented with pounded mock meat, sweet soy & pickled greens

COCO ICHIBanya India

This place is bringing Japan’s unique version of curry to the origin of all curries in the world – India, @cocoichiindia is here with their flagship store at DLF Cyber Hub & for sure they are abiding by all the safety norms. With the help of Aarogya Setu app, and by maintaining social distancing and health norms, they are also ready to deliver a safe eating experience along with a savoury treat .So just join the celebration of “Japanese Curry Weekend“ and get 20% off on all curry items here. Thank me later. Ohh Yes! you can also pick a cheesecake or Choco Lava cake after your currylicious meal at COCO.

Cafe Delhi Height

Café Delhi Heights is a quirky hangout which allures with its buzzing ambience. It’s hip and happening. Healthy food, Immunity booster food and super food has made way to most of the menu’s and this place is no different. Across North India, the variations of poha find their way into breakfast meals and tea snacks, even its my favourite breakfast too. The CDH #superfoods twist makes it even more nutritious with oatmeal and dry-nuts. Delicious, crunchy and definitely healthy! Enjoy this special dish on the menu.

Catch all the hits and miss, the action live at this outlets of Gurgaon! You may cheer for your favourite Team /teams while you indulge in cold pints and your favourite signature dishes off the CDH menu. Not just that Live screening all matches of #ipl2020! is on the house, so enjoy a late hour at this place.

Cyber HUB Social

Gurgaon’s favourite hangout spot, Cyber Hub SOCIAL, is back! Experience the same SOCIAL vibe in an all-new way, with WHO recommended hygiene and safety protocols, and a seamless, contactless dine-in experience. Enjoy our limited edition Super Starter Combos and Power Play Mains Combos, available throughout the cricket season. Want a 15% discount with no delivery fee? Head to SOCIAL and use the code SOCIAL on your order ! Also check out the D.I. TRY Range from social.

And how can social miss out on the favourite game of Indian – Cricket, with IPL Happening out of India here’s what they at social is a special campaign #SOCIALSTUMPS where you can explore the limited edition LLIITs exlusively available at #Offline and other exiting offers on dine in & delivery

Farzi Cafe

Farzi Café – Modern Indian Bistro from the House of Jiggs Kalra, is all about “creating an illusion” with its cuisine. Farzi had been first few places that went operational at Cyberhub. They are now doing are live screenings with all the necessary precautions and safety measures with exciting offers on alcohol. Recently #FarziCafe has won the BIG F awards, 2020 for “Best Modern Indian Cuisine”.They are pouring responsibly.Both a science and an art, only an experienced mixologist can blend spirits so they truly balance. Enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail or two at Farzi Café, Cyber Hub over the weekend or during the live match screening.

Address : Ground Floor, Dlf Cyber Hub Gurugram, Haryana, India 122002. ZOMATO Facebook For Reservations Call: +91 8800690419 / 8


A fast growing chain serving Authentic Italian Cuisine , The somber decor captivates your heart. Set in a backdrop of white it gives a statement of its own. Italiano meaning Italian in Latin, takes pleasure in serving you the best italian cuisine.So from the land of Italy comes the inimitable menu that gives your palate the most unique experience while tantalising you with its heavenly aromas , this is exactly something for your mind and soul.

‘Italiano goes Global’. Bringing you delicacies from the far east. The journey from the orient begins… along with your favourite Italian food.

And if you have just turned Vegan or a Vegan all the way, dont miss to try their signature chocolate smoothie blend a ‘vegan delight’, delicious to the core – Almond milk, coconut cream ganache, Hershey’s chocolate syrup and fresh almonds. Yummy! isn’t it.

New range for Fitness Freak

Many more Vegan delicacies are available at this place including #sushi #pizza & #pasta. Don’t worry here you get to taste all kind of your favourite food.

Sagar Ratna

If we are talking of food at Cyberhub how can we not include South Indian Cusine well Sagar Ratna is the Largest South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Chain in India. And now they are open at Cyberhub so no more craving for those mouth watering Dahi Vada, Masala Dosa, Iddiyappam , Ildies ohhh i can just keep going on when it comes to South Indian food.

Made in Punjab ( MIP)

Punjab in Persian means (The Land of) Five Rivers & therefore the menu at Made in Punjab, covers the culinary history of the regions surrounding these five rivers. The safety and health of patrons is their top priority too.Now you can enjoy your favorite lavish North Indian buffet at Made in Punjab, Cyber Hub. ( And this Buffet will be served on your table)

They are ready to host you for all the live screenings with the necessary precautions and safety measures. and not just that they are also serving liquor now,

Address – 6-7, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram, Haryana, India Zomato FaceBook Website Call – 0124 494 9605 For Reservations call: +91 8130911899 | +91 124 4949605


Don’t Worry, Be Happy because this is your safe zone .Always caring for your safety and comfort, This place is open and safely pouring good times to their customers.

Address : Cyber Hub, Dlf, Cyber City -Phase 2 Unit 205-208 Gurugram, Haryana, ZOMATO Facebook Call 081302 00606

The BEER Cafe

What beer does for your spirits, The Beer Café does for your soul. Beer isn’t pretentious, it is an age old unifier, that transcends culture and class to bring people together – be it friends who want to catch a game, a manager who wants to applaud the team’s win or a family looking to unwind over light-hearted banter. Every pint is a celebration. This India’s largest Alco-beverage chain.Pouring 50+ brands of liquid sunshine 🍻 from 20 countries is kicking and safely pouring at DLF Cyberhub. with 50 % occupancy, they are ready to serve you with all measures checked.


United Coffee House Rewind

UCH Rewind is a chic & intimate dining cafe with a casual and contemporary retro vibe, reminiscent of the bygone era. You know what I mean right here if you have been to the UCH outlet in CP and dinned there, A place that brings back the childhood dining nostalgia as a luxury of those times.

This place is my favourite on the list for a simple reason that they do amazing range of Coffee & Desserts like no other place with multi cuisine food options. I love their Cona Coffee , if you have not tried it do check this out on your next visit.

No matter how tough these times are, they sure did bring us closer to our family & now its time to take the Family out for a perfect outing over some good food to United Coffee House Rewind , But just in case you cant they will come home with all you want. JUST ORDER

I recently ordered most of my favourite stuff from this place and it includes the best & royal Kofta – Badshahi Kofta if you have a thing for vegetarian north Indian food, you must try this. Pasta , Pizza & Noodles were really amazing.



If you are wondering what to do on a #SUNDAY , Sundays are for Stone Bowls. Choose from an array of sauces from the delicious Three Pepper to yummy Soy & Garlic with noodles, quinoa or rice at Yum Yum Cha.

Have you IndulgeD in some ooey gooey cheesy Takoyaki! Well This popular Japanese street food originated and became popular in Osaka around 1935 and then spread to greater south-central Japan and beyond. No you dont have to go there with all the pandemic around you can try this and more at Yum Yum Cha at DLF CYBERHUB

Are you dieting or did you say salad, both ways YUM YUM CHA has got you covered with delectable range of Salads to choose from. Salads are powerhouses of nutrients ,they offer several benefits, including improved digestion, disease protection, and weight loss to keep you going through the day. So you now need no reasons to say no to a Meal date at YUM YUM CHA.

Zomato Facebook Call 098100 02993

So what are your waiting for #Gurgaon , your favorite place is already buzzing with action , Get out & Get Going.

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