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Gujiya – A Must try Holi Delicacy

If you are a North Indian then you can’t really have a Holi that’s without Gujiya in it. It’s the quiet essential part of the entire festival. While I was a kid it was made weeks ahead of Holi and we used to have turns & everyday the women in society will take turns ofContinue Reading

What to do with #Ghee Residue after making Ghee

If you are amoung the people who make #Ghee at home weekly or monthly then what do you do of the #Ghee Residue. Well if you dont do anything or simply dump it in dustbin than you must read this blog to put the #GheeResidue to use right away. Lets get started What is GheeContinue Reading

What Food are you eating in the Month of Love ???

Food connects hearts and its a known thing “the way to anyone’s heart goes through their stomach ” so if this Valentines you are planning to make it big with your spouse or the loved one here’s the food you should get on right away to get the act of love together and be ValentineContinue Reading

All about Khichdi – Soulful Comfort Food

Khichdi is a delicious Ayurvedic dish that’s known for its ability to detoxify and purify the body. It creates a balance among all the three doshas i.e Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Khichdi is an ancient Ayurvedic recipe which has been a part of our diet since ages.It is easy to digest and helps the bodyContinue Reading

Christmas 2020 at Malls in Delhi NCR

When it comes to Malls, Christmas is the best time to visit the Malls for some of the most amazing christmas decor to pose around in the Town and the shopping Offers are no less either. Shopping is literally in the air during #Christmas time and its raining offer all around, So without any furtherContinue Reading

It took me to be a Mom to understand -MOM

If you are the eldest in your family , you are definitely showered with more love than any other siblings in the family. But that doesn’t apply to a mother and I could only understand this and many other things about my mother when I became a mother myself of my twin girls. Mom isContinue Reading

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SO Enjoy what you rest on your eyes on & also what clicks with you that click with you.

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