Most of us are constantly looking for quick recipes to fix up morning breakfast or a evening snacks which is healthier and is quick to fix without much of preparations, so heres one for you Kidney Bean Salad. If you are a Egg lover just Add Boiled egg and make it more healthy and a filling.

Well its a quick fix only if you boil an extra bowl of Rajma (Kidney beans ) while making Rajma rice over the weekend, else don’t blame me on boiling the Rajma. As a thumb rule i always boil an extra quantity of Black Grams, White chole and Rajma and refrigerate it for making these salads.

So next time when you are making Rajma/ Chole ensure that you soak an extra quantity and thus having a quick fix for a breakfast / snack during the week.

And what all you need for this quick fix is as under

# 1 Bowl of Rajma ( Kidney Beans- Boiled )

# Chopped – Onion (half), Tomato ( 1 ) , Cucumber (Half ), Capsicum (half )

# Boiled corn

# half lemon

#Pomegranate & Coriander leaves for garnishing

# Spices – Table/ black salt , Black pepper & chat masala

# Optional – Boiled Egg


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In a bowl mix Kidney beans with the chopped veggies and spices, toss well to mix all the ingredients and your salad is ready. Garnish it with pomegranate , coriander leaves and add squeezed lemon to add the tangy flavor to the Chat.

If you are a egg lover just dice the eggs as you feel and add to this. And you can also add nachos to add to the crunch.

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