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Nestle Ceregrow at Kidzania

Few places are meant to be visited over and over again, Kidzania is one such place for kids that keeps on innovating and bringing around the best experiences for kids from all over the world.

This time along with our regular places like – Nursery, fire department, camlin coloring , Domino’s Pizza making , IP gas station, Dental , big Bazaar , we got introduced to the Nestle Ceregrow and I truly loved this for a lot of reasons.

Most of the kids in their growing years had Nestle Ceregrow or Cerelac, though I preferred serving them with real fruits, cereals and vegetables , while they couldn’t chew I made all of these into puree and made them had the whole fruits and vegetables.

But while doing this activity they got to know how a ceregrow for kids is made. And that was really impressive.

First step was to go to the field to collect whole grains as shown in the below picture

  1. Rice
  2. Barley
  3. Wheat
  4. Corn
  5. Oats

All of this was plucked from their plants and this was like plucking from the fields

And watching them pluck these and move it to the cart was an exciting feeling and the kids enjoyed it like anything

After collecting the whole grains they moved to the fruits orchards and the fruit trees were loaded with real fruits

  1. Pomegranate
  2. Orange
  3. Apple
  4. Mango

After getting the fruits they went to the cow inside and the best part was they could touch the cow and it felt so real , watching them go through this exercise was overwhelming. In real probably they will never get to actually feel the real cow and collecting the milk bottle was liking going to a cattle field and getting one was surreal.

Further they went to add essential vitamins and minerals to make the ceregrow. And came out with a packed packet of the ceregrow and now they know what all goes in making a ceregrow.

I would like to recommend all mom’s to take the kids to this zone so that kids know what all is healthy and what all goes in making the healthy Nestle Ceregrow.

The best experience is with the cow and the kids will surely love this.

kidzania is in Noida in Delhi NCR and is open all 7 days , to know more you may visit

And a simple suggestion is to reach early whenever you go so that the kid has a chance to visit the entire space.

Do check out the following videos from my previous Kidzania Visits

Ceregrow video

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