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Food to Build Immunity to fight Corona virus ( Covid-19)

With so many countries across the world having exponential growth of Corona virus patients , the panic around this outbreak is increasing beyond imagination.Fear of being infected is leading to a lot of anxiety that is making our body go in a stress mode , and this will only make our immune system weak , further making the stressed individuals more vulnerable to fall sick.You may start showing certain symptoms due to anxiety which will make you evaluate your state and you may further panic making the situation grave for yourself.It’s about time to build Immunity by relying on food and increasing the consumption of food that calms you down and offers you strength to fight back.Ayurveda offers solutions through food that is not a cure for Corona virus ( as there is no vaccine as of now for Corona anyways ) , but will help you have better immune system. People who had come out winner with this mammoth virus threat could do it because they had a stronger immune system to combat.So here’s Food2go4 to build your immune system to be ready for a fight with Corona virus and keep your loved ones safe.

1. Citrus fruits ( Vit C ) :

Vitamin supplements had always been to your rescue during illness . Include citrus food like lemon , oranges, tamarind, grapefruit, lime etc to boost the production of white blood cells as they are the ones that are responsible for fighting infection.

2. Garlic

A common household food item that is found in each and every Indian Kitchen has a history of fighting infections.If you ask How ?Well garlic is associated with lowering blood pressure and slow down of hardening of arteries and this is due to the heavy concentration of sulfur containing compounds like allicin in garlic. Have it raw or add to your food , you can also have it with honey to make it palatable.To fight Corona virus you need stronger immunity and white blood cells do that. And our body doesn’t produce or store this Vitamin, so daily / regular intake is needed

3. Ginger

one of the key symptoms of Corona is cough and ginger is used in almost all households to offer relieve a sore throat be it in form of ginger tea, ginger hot water gargles or ginger with honey.Most of the cough syrups or cough drop ( tablets ) have ginger extracts. Ginger is known to reduce nausea and inflammation. So this is a great food to be a part of your diet now.

4. Spinach

Not really loved by all but there are many versions of this vitamin C and Vitamin A rich food.

Have it as juice, add it to your smoothies or India’s favorite Palak Paneer as a vegetable or spinach Parantha , but just have it. This magic vegetable is packed with anti oxidants and beta carotene that increases infection fighting ability.

5.Yogurt & curd

Known to stimulate your immune system , this vitamin D rich food can help boost our body’s natural defence against the diseases. You may have as is or may add fruit to add flavors , a combination of Palak Parantha with yogurt.

6. Almonds

A handful of almond had been a tradition in Indian Households. We all have seen Badam Rogan oil in our house as kids and our moms made us consume it with milk, apply the oil on our skin and hair etc.When it comes to fighting cold , Vitamin E which is abundant in almonds may not be a help but this being a fat soluble vitamin needs presence of fat to be absorbed and in an almond this is just perfect. So add without a doubt to your diet

7 Turmeric

Anti inflammatory is synonym to this magical ingredient. Present as powered turmeric is a key ingredient of Indian curries. So use powdered or fresh turmeric in your food and stay healthy. If you are consuming raw Haldi please ensure its cooked well else it can give sore throat. Cook it in Ghee and add honey or boil it in your milk and drink.

8 Papaya and Kiwi

Both the fruits are loaded with Vitamin C, potassium , follate and Vitamin B& vitamin D respectively. Boosts the body to fight infections.

9. Probiotic drinks

Probiotic which are generally good bacteria helps improve digestion, reduce depression and heart health. Buy the probiotic drinks like yakut bottles , make it at home as the butter milk or kanchi from beetroot or carrots. All this will help you keep your body & brain healthy through gut.

10 . Pomegranate

Not only it looks great and tastes great, this fruit also has anti viral properties against flu , in addition to fighting bad viruses and bacteria it promotes the growth of gut Flora that boosts our immune system.So add this in form of juice or add it to your salads , rice , poha etc. & boost immunity.

11. Cinnamon

A spice that spices up more than just food , is an antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal machine. It’s known to actually fight pathogens that causes illness, have it in your drinks or sprinkle it on your cereal bowl, add in your curries or use the dust on milk and fruit chaat.

12. Watermelon

Though seasonally this is a summertime fruit but not anymore this is known to boost immunity , as health building benefits include reducing respiratory inflammation further preventing infections.

13. Carrots

It’s fall winter and spring approaching though the seasonal carrot is going out of season. But still if you get hold of this start including it immediately. The beta carotene that gives it’s bright color is known to support the body’s mucus membrane that lines the respiratory, intestinal tracks and thus making it difficult for bacteria to enter the bloodstream and casue trouble.You can also make Kanchi with carrot and beetroot and that’s a great probiotic too.

14. Broccoli

Super food ,charged with loads of vitamins, minerals , antioxidants and fiber ,this is one of the healthiest food. Cook it as little as possible and the goodness of this food is retained.

15. Sunflower seeds

Loaded with nutrients like phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B6 , incredibly high in vitamin E this is loaded with antioxidants.Try including this in your food as the Vit E helps in regulating and maintaining the immune system to keep up the fight with infections .While having all the above food helps boost your immune system. Other things that can further help our body are

  • Adequate sleep
  • Regular exercise
  • Laughing out loud
  • Staying positive
  • Indulging in cooking / music
  • Including meditation to calm your body

Stay inhouse and stay safe , stay away from crowded places and stay digitally connected with your loved ones and consume more news on Corona on it’s prevention, things to do rather than news related to panic and situations getting worse from bad.You won’t be able to change much outside but you can train your mind to handle your body by staying positive and avoid adding up 1 person who may have a chance of being infected and that is “YOU”.So do it for yourself and that’s how you will serve your country.

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