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ZEE5 takes the realife Nabha Jail incident to Reel as “Operation Parindey”

What looks like a simple run & chase case of a Jail break with a mastermind plan and ultimately leads to the encounter of the culprit who dies in the encounter after the jail break is actually a far more intense movie of emotions, community hood, aggression, rivalry, gangism, corruption, rather should refer it as corruption in jail systems and how security is compromised to let such a thing happen with International connections inside the cells.

(Source: An OTT Platform )

Operation Parindey delves on a topic that isn’t explored much in India especially when it comes to digital content, but this one definitely leads way for far more thriller content coming in this space. Operation Parindey – a fictional account of one of the most controversial jailbreaks in the history of India & story moves rapidly taking exciting and really unexpected twists that will have you deeper into the actual events surrounding the jailbreak.

Here’s why you should check this out while you are staying at home

1. Amazing acting of Amit Shad as Abhinav Mathur: Yesterday night I saw Kai poo che and loved the intense role Amit played with just a few dialogues and I started looking for his recent work & that’s when I came across this one. The strongest part of the movie is the screenplay and sheer on screen presence of this lead actor Amit shad playing Special Task Force officer Abhinav Mathur who is on the case. His intuitive mind, gut feeling and dialogues are really captivating.

Amit shad as Abhinav & Rahul Dev as Monty (Source: An OTT Platform )

2. Rahul Dev as Monty Singh: There is something about him that creates an impact on you, Rahul Dev plays the character Monty Singh, referred as Babaji – he is the one who is in charge and the mastermind of the jail break, he has greater influence on the Jail inmates and manages to carry out the break out of the jail. If you watch the trailer which I did before getting on the movie than this opening dialogue really established the character in terms of the influence of the Monty (Rahul Dev) – “Jis din tu apno k liye Kurbaan hone k liye soch lega, Ush din tenu koi bhi nahi Rok sakta”.

Rahul Dev as Monty (Source: An OTT Platform )

3. The fast paced story: This jail break is not a normal jail break involving some local gangster, rather the international connection and involvement makes it a matter of National security, thus involves risk for country and high alerts across Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. The Jail break was in news for its planning and for the fact that this was not easy.

4. No Songs: If it is bollywood it has to have songs but not in this case. I only realized it after finishing the most gripping 55 minutes that there were no songs in the movie and the events are happening so fast that you are completely in the movie thinking of the next thing.

5. Direction of Sanjay Gadhvi & a ZEE5 original: if you are not a movie buff like me and may not know who Sanjay Gadhvi is, than all you need to know is this is the Original film from the Director of Dhoom Franchise. Inspired by a true story this action thriller is based on events happening post surgical strikes. Only ZEE5 could have taken this route of packaging such an extensive case into a 55 minute thriller being the largest producer of originals in India, no one could have done such a justice. The movie moves at a really fast pace that takes care of developing the characters and their intense roles individually through a very tight cinematography and it could not have got better than this in the given time frame.

IMDB has rated Operation Parindey a 5.2 /10.A Reviewer Sysfriends rated it 7/10 and that was the reason I could watch this one. If you enjoy gangster movies, don’t miss to checkout Operation Parindey at ZEE5. You can also explore more movies on ZEE5 at

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  1. Has a nice plot!as it is Rahul Dev is a great actor!lGod speed to all involved!

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