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Thambili – Bright Orange Srilankan Coconuts

#coconutwater is your way of hydrating on the move ….then you must try do good looking coconut on the streets of SrilankaI have seen these #orangecoconuts while travelling from #nugegodacity to #ColomboCityCentre and I was like what’s that, I want to try it.While we had this it was just the regular #nariyal in a fancy color. Have never heard or seen this so I was pretty much amazed
The King Coconuts, locally called ‘Thambili’ are bright-orange coloured variety of coconuts which are indigenous to Sri LankaSo don’t miss to enjoy this while you there. Also if you are a true Indian then you have to ask for the #Malai after the water is over, else we will disown you.

2 comments on “Thambili – Bright Orange Srilankan Coconuts

  1. Aren’t they amazing!

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