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Plum by Bent Chair Delhi

If you are a person who looks for more than just Food while you eat at a fine dine-in then Plum by Bent chair is your place to look down , look up , look around and indulge in pure Bliss of beautiful design and thoughtfulness inspired by an unmatched interior decor.

My first experience of this place has left me spellbound of the fact how beautiful a place can be, each corner done so beautifully and every table gives you a sense of belonging into a different space as if changing drawing room with every table . Luxurious spread of design , colors and display units captivates your mind while the food takes you to a different level of foodgasm – A gastronomic jounery that is planned in the most artistic setting . This place is opposite to my all time favorite place that I love for all the drama with food but this one had a very different effect on me and I am short of words to even define the let me quickly move to food leaving you with few pictures and let me be very Frank my phone camera did not do justice to the place

As I said my phone did not do justice capturing the beautiful place so here I picked few pictures from a co-blogger – Nicole , and in the first picture below it’s she herself. You can follow her blog at

Now I don’t think so , I need to even say anything about this place. And even I wish to move to food as that’s something I am going to keep coming back to this place , have a look

Lets start with the starters.

# Multiple mushroom Bao Rs. 555/- : Bao are white, warm, soft steamed buns that are stuffed with veggies. In this case it was a combination of variety of mushrooms so had Shimizu, button mushrooms, fungus mushrooms, sauteed with bird eye Chilli and Burnt garlic flakes. Probably I can say it’s a warm comfort winter food.

# Green Dumplings Rs. 485/- : Green Dumplings are stuffed with everything healthy and green – Asparagus, Beans, spinach and Thai Basil so it’s a health loaded dumpling, very good on taste

The other one that’s is in the picture is Plumazing ( Chefs recommendation at plum ) – Edamame & Truffle dumplings. This is stuffed with Edamame cream cheese , truffe infused potatoes flawless skin with crispy carrot and corns. Very good on taste.

# Sushi ( Half plate with 4 peices for 385/ and full plate with 8 peices for Rs. 695/- ) – I love sushi but they say there are not enough options in vegetarian Sushi and to all those I wish to bring you all here at this Pan Asian cusines as they had over half a dozen variety of Vegetarian sushi options and I just loved it.

# Spiced Turnip Cakes Rs.435/- : A very different appetizer that I tried for the first time. It looked like paneer cubes but it was turnip and absolutely great on taste – Crispy outside and soft inside.

# East Asian Curry with Rice Rs.455/- : we were pretty much done and wanted to save ourselves for the dessert so kept it simple with our main course order. And it was this delicious yellow bean curry with loads of veggie with asian twist to it and served with freshly cooked plain rice. Simply outstanding.

You must try this as it’s also Plumazing , yes Chefs recommendation at Plum by Bent chair. And it’s always safe to try what chef recommends then to experiment.

Now comes my favorite , yes the Dessert. A range of 6 desserts to choose from priced at a flat price of Rs. 495/-.

# Plum Tropical Fruit citrus cheesecake Rs. 495/- : This is definitely a visual appeal for it’s presentation style , Lime Cheesecake served on a bed of fruits is supremely indulging.

Another one in the dessert was chocolate dessert for the love of chocolates and cakes

#Spiced Hot Chocolate Rs. 495/- : This is truly heavenly for Chocolate lovers , A slab of Butter Chocolate cake ( divided in 2 peices ) served with Marshmallows with a bowl full of Cinnamon spiced hot liquid chocolate. And how you eat is simply either dip the marshmallows in the chocolate sauce or pour it over the butter chocolate slab and enjoy it with liquid chocolate.

What’s very special about this place is you can choose to buy the things right online and most of the stuff has pricing being displayed with it. So like it then take it home. Like I have ordered for this yoga plate from my dessert section.

Address : The Walk , Worldmark 2, Aerocity New Delhi

Nearest Metro station : Aerocity Metro ( within walking distance)

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  2. Quite impressive and very Instagrammable as they say. The service was atrocious, but the food was excellent.

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