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TingaLand Noida – Play Learn Party

While we were growing up we only knew of a Essel World as a fun place Now being a parent we know that our kids are spoiled with choices and still we go extra mile to explore more places in Delhi NCR to take the kids out to for some fun time while keeping them engaged in an manner that helps them to have fun and learn at same time.

This weekend was no different , and we were surprised to find a new destination for kids in our neighborhood , so basically we don’t have to travel to Delhi or Gurgaon and yet get to have a fun weekend with kids.

Just a 30 minute drive from our place this place is TingaLand and is in Sector 104 Noida , in Starling Mall on third floor.

At the Entry itself it says- Play with us at TingaLand and thats how we spent the day.

Tinga is a super pup, the Superstar of the place and these days my kids are big time into Paw patrol so for me this place was bang on for their Dog love.

One thing that I am very particular about is the light in the Play area and Hygiene factor and this place served that really well. With direct sunlight coming in the play area and very broad pathways and numerous activities very well placed as the play area is spread across 7000 sqft to give ample space to kids to move around while they do all the activities. We went while a Birthday Party was going on and still it felt as if there was no rush , otherwise Kids play area are like fish market. One reason why I have personally stopped taking kids over a weekend to any of these places.

Let me take you through each of the Area here.

As you enter the Kids area there is a dedicated Toddler zone and this one is designed to let the kids have lots of fun with a fair combination of rides & activities that fairs well in letting a kid have fun time while learning as well. Few pictures will give you a perspective of the space.

If your kid is under 4 the only thing which you look at is the edges should be taken care of and the space is safe for kids , and that’s covered here.

Again i wish to highlight this I have clicked these pictures while a Birthday Party was going on and the best part of this place is the staff was super pro in fixing up things, otherwise in kids play area you will find a lot of chaos , while here every 5 minutes the moment a kid leaves the space the timbaland person will restore the articles to let it be a plain slate for next kid to use the same , and that was commendable. Small things but for a mother it makes a big difference. Another thing that was very touching was the Tingaland team referred my kids by their name everytime they called them. Thank you Tingaland,

Moving to Another space, the place is designed in such a way that each of the spaces are connected yet complicated probably to let the kids mind do a bit of racing here while they are racing from one space to other. For the first time I couldn’t make out where they are entering from and where they are heading to.

And this is one place my kids just loved as Drawing coloring and craft is their personal favorite activity.

Another one was wall climbing that my kids became a fan of. And this one is under the guidance of a specialist and was done after signing a NOc. So be rest assured the kids are in safe hands and are really safe.

Very few places keep the parents comfort in mind. Sorry to say but even the best play areas in Delhi have design flaws of not keeping in mind that the Parents accompanying the kids need to relax as well or need to have a good time.

This place is surely different as it not only had a dedicated parents lounge with a view of the completely play area to keep an eye on the kid while he is having fun.but also offered more than a sitting space.

You can order here or can also go to Cafeteria to have food. Well it doesn’t end here, they also have Free WiFi to pace up to the working parents. So if you have loads of office work to finish just pick up your laptop and head with your kid to this place and be sorted. I would call this a Work Life Balance in true sense for Parents. Not only this you can also get a coffee or food served right here.

While we were here , we also witnessed a Birthday party here and decided to host our kids here.

Why ???

Here’s the answer.

  1. The kids play area is for all kids who are guest in the party.
  2. Kids of Age group 1-10 years are covered as there is so much for everyone to do.
  3. Music is on the house
  4. Kids Parade with band by the guest and host
  5. Tinga Super hero is the special guest who entertains everyone and sings happy Birthday and Dances as well
  6. Return gifts of choice can be picked from the options
  7. Special gift for the Bday kid
  8. Buffet for the Visitors with special food for kids and different menu for Adults.
  9. Something for everyone in the party
  10. A birthday party that’s more than just a party and have fun thing.

Books are also available here for purchasing.

Let me move to my favorite section , yes Food , the menu is quite a big deal not a bar but still lots of Bar – Sandwich bar , Pasta bar , pizza bar , dimsums, chopsticks, toddlers sweet section , Sliders and beverage corner and everything being served on the table. So order and chill.

Here’s what we ordered at the TingaLand Cafe.

Now let’s get to main thing whats the charges??

Well that’s a jaw dropping Rs. 500/- per Hour and that’s the best in Delhi NCR for a space as equiped as this one for giving your kid an amazing experience.

Look no further and just take your kids to this place, as I am personally very impressed by this space and would strongly recommend it to every mother I know. We are home with some fond memories of the super pup Tinga

Unboxing the Gift from TingaLand

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