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Plum by Bent Chair Mumbai

First of everything is very special be it your first school , first love , first job etc etc. After having an amazing time at the Delhi outlet of Plum by Bent Chair, I was super excited to visit their first outlet in Lower Parel Mumbai.

So my recent visit to Mumbai bought me to Palladium Mall for some office work and I realized this place is just around the corner at a 6 minutes drive to Utopia and Immediately I planned a quick dinner.

On the third floor this place has just created a beautiful landscape in an indoor space with so much greens around, perpetually creating a small heaven of its kind transforming the side lane of Lord of Drinks at this floor with a complete glass view of LOD.

If we look back what makes this place the way it is , Is probably the thought and the force behind creating this space. Well this place is being created by a Power couple – Priyank and Natasha who represent two different industries, Priyank is a restauranteur with over 30 successfully operating food spaces & Natasha happens to be the passionate soul owner of the quirky furniture brand – Bent Chair. I still remember spotting one of the hoardings of Bent Chair and I was like this is something one must check out. So that passion transforms each and every cornern of the restaurant leaving the patrons awestruck even before one orders for food. This time I visited each and every table to specifically take note of the cutlery on each table. And surprisingly it was unique on each table.

What I am holding is a Plate from the Bird Plate collection of 4 plates and you can get it here

And it’s best of two worlds for sure, many a times while we dine out at a fine dinning we at times get floored by the cutlery and the women in us feel that we should have this in our collection to serve this particular dish like this. Well you don’t feel that here because you can truly own everything that you lay your eyes on here , and I mean it you can ask the team or just visit – BentChair

Let’s move to food. Since I have visited the Delhi outlet I had few things on my mind already so I quickly repeated my favorite order from Delhi the Multiple Mushroom Bao and the Planter Broccoli.

Check out the Plum By Bent Chair Review for my Delhi Experience.

Further had tried the following

Potato Sesame Toast Rs. 355/- : This dish has my all time favorite ingredients – Potato & Sesame. Looked like some assortment of donuts but was super crispy and delicious. Six peices of pure indulgence.

Spicy Mock Duck Dimsums Rs. 475/- : In a serving of 4 streaming dimsums had a filling of fresh corns, mock meat, carrot served in Plum oil.

While this place has opened the Master chef here Chef Sagar had come up with 32 different varients of Sauces and Chutneys all homemade. Now they serve the best 4 on all the tables and one of them is made of Plum and it’s delicious.

Chrispy Thai style Lotus Roots Rs. 495/- : This is a super crispy starter that goes really well with the drinks. I had taken the Guava Mocktail and this wok tossed Lotus root peices were an amazing combination with the sauce over it adding to the taste.

Moving to the most favorite section of food here I have tried 2 things that I wanted to try in Delhi

Fruit Salad : That’s like getting a sense of eating something healthy in dessert while with the next order I have flipped this completely. But this was truly delicious and refreshing with so much of mint leaves in it making every bite a mouthfull of freshness and health.

Nutella Banana Uramaki Rs. 430/- Now if you are at Plum how would you not have a sushi , this time I kept the best to the last with a Sushi Dessert. This one came in such appetizing colors – yes a green sushi with fresh banana chunk in it and topped with Nutella, served with Crunchy Banana chips. Truly Heavenly

My take away from the restaurant – This is a place one must visit during lunch to soak in the beauty of this space and have nice pics clicked as there are so many lovely corners. This place is not for you if you don’t like to settle down and relax while having your food. You can’t be here if you just wish to rushout. Bring the best company here, friends and Family with whom you just want to have some good time. A Saturday or Sunday Brunch is like an ideal time to unwind here. While it’s a great place to even catch up over drinks in the evening too.
Yet again I left with a feeling that my mobile camera don’t do justice to this place and I need to get a new one.
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