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Loaded Quaker Nutri Upma

Yes on day 6th it’s time to twist the regular and do something that’s unusual. I am always divided about having fruits or Indian breakfast. And today on Day 6th of my #getRealfit challenge I have decided to add fruits to my Upma.

Date :09/01/2018

Day :6

And what am I adding to twist the Quaker Nurti upma recipe , let’s have a quick look at it

  1. sauteed Carrot and Peas ( cut and microwave for 5 min gives same effect )
  2. Cut apple 2 big slices
  3. Pomegranate

Now just make the Quaker Nutri Umpa as per process in 7 minutes and add all this to the ready breakfast. You have a loaded bowl of fruits , veggies and off course a nutritional Upma.

Keep adding more of veggies and fruits as you head to finish the loaded Quaker Nutri Upma.

2 comments on “Loaded Quaker Nutri Upma

  1. Best way to start your day…..healthy breakfast for gastronomic delight and reading your article for mental health. Your articles inspire the foodie in me😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. small steps towards greater goals. Best wishes!


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