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Quaker Oats Strawberry flavor with Apple

So here I am a bit late to blog on the 5th day of #GetRealfit with Quaker.

Day 5

Date :08/01/2018

And the pick from the hamper today is the pack on right that’s the pink pack. Quaker Oats Starwberry flavor with Apple.

And the Food2go4 twist for today is a just loads of real fruits.

  1. Pomegranate
  2. 2 Almonds
  3. Apple nicely diced
  4. Cut black grapes for garnishing

And here is the recipe , just cut the fruits and garnish the bowl of oats loaded with health.

So cut everything as shown in the ingredients above. And just use it over the oats once it’s ready in 3 minutes loaded with goodness of milk , oats and apples.

And as I said both the sweet flavors are for kids so have a look how they loved this little pink pack and they ensured their bowl of health has everything I garnished the oats with. And they finished it as they did the oats bowl yesterday without additional sweet of Honey.

3 comments on “Quaker Oats Strawberry flavor with Apple

  1. wow…. healthy and yummy. oats is my day starter

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