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Pita Pit – your health Pit stop


Pita Pit – A concept that was started way back in 1995 in Kingston, Canada.And here’s my first experience with this Health pit stop after almost 2 decades of its inception, A #QSR ( Quick Service Restaurant )that advocates fresh thinking and Healthy eating to the core.

Everything is made fresh, right in front of your eyes averaged with a preparation time of around 1.5-3 minutes depending upon the grill time of your filling , loaded with juicy sauces and a choice of base dips & veggies to make this a complete meal , and the best part is all of this is under 350 calorie -Thats what they are promising.

Was invited to the winter foodie fest hosted at DLF Mall of India in the Pita Pit store for a pre launch of the 2 new varients of Pita pit which they are launching at the start of the new year along with a new beverage. This launch was hosted by the none other than the co – owner himself Mr. Anun Dhawaan who is also a chef and his knowledge around food was something to look for.

Now before we could move on to the actual product launch, we were taken through the entire journey of Pita Pit and how it is being made.

What is Pita pit

“Pita”- is a flat bread also known as Arabian / Syrian / Lebanese Bread, basically a part of mediterranean cuisine. It’s similar to the Pizza base only difference it can open like a chapatis.


Pita pit is a sandwich that has higher percentage of veggies and the way it is made it equally distributes the filling and is more healthy because of a lower bread ratio as compared to veggies unlike the subs.

Compare the filling versus bread 


Why Pita Bread for Pita Pit ?

It is easy to handle , and can take more veggies compared to a sub, the shelf life of a Pita Bread is around a month, easier to store, and is available in whole wheat so adds to health.

Easy to handle while making as well as eating 

How to make a Pita Pit ‘

The Pita pit are available in 2 options 6 inches  called Petita and 9 inches called as original  very much like your sub options

Size comparison of the Pita Breads – 6′ (Petita )  & 9′( Original )


Process of making a Pita pit

  • The Bread is taken out and placed in the streamer to ensure the bread loosens up and becomes soft and ready for filling.(10-15 sec )
  • The bread is opened with the help of thumbs and the dip is spread on the base side
  • Basis the choice of Pita pit the filling is grilled with onion and other veggies adding to the crispness and  freshness.
  • Veggies of your choice are filled in it along with the choice of suaces.
  • The upper flap is tucked in order to lock the entire material inside.
  • This is then grilled and now your Pita Pit is ready to be consumed.

Too much to read Right ? Nevermind have a look at the video

You can choose from a wide range of pittas as per your choice while I would recommend a Falafel if you are a vegetarian or if you are a paneer lover then try Fresh Paneer.

Choice of Dips – 3

  • Hummus
  • Peri peri hummus
  • Tzatziki

Choice of sauce and veggies


Have a look at various Pita Pit before they were tucked in

fresh paneer 
hara bhara kabab 
sheek kabab 

whatsapp-image-2016-12-23-at-12-12-30-am-6whatsapp-image-2016-12-23-at-12-13-47-amFew other things that i loved here were the salad portions


Salad bowl with out sauce 
Salad with the sauce

And also loved the tea and dessert(dont look for health in desserts)


Lady grey Tea 

Now coming to what is in store to look forward in the new year at Pita pit, Well these are 2 new variants of non veg which would be added to the Menu along with a Cold coffee pet bottle for fresh consumption.

Have a look

Mutton Kibbeh 
Peri peri Chickem 


Pita Pit Cold coffee

All the non vegetarians would love to drool over these 2 appetizing variants while the vegetarians need to wait for some more time as there are few interesting stuff coming up.

So if any of the 3 things tingled your taste buds , do visit any of your nearest Pita Pet stores to explore the dynamite of taste and that’s a complete health stopover.

Few things I liked about Pita Pit 

  • Very well-managed queue system to keep the store flow in control.
  • All the fillings tried were very light (not at all oily )
  • Clearly marked  veg and non veg sections across the kitchen , while facing the counter you can see that as well.
  • The cut size of the veggies is comparatively small that makes it more manageable and increases the filling portion with a better distribution across the Pita
  • very nicely done store –  colorful and bright and lits up your mood instantly ( a healthy feel for sure with lot of positive energy )

What you need to take a call on 

The pricing is slightly on a higher side so decide for yourself if this health stop over is for you are not.

Tip – if you are two people go for an original ( 9 inches Pita Bread ) and ask them to cut it into 2, its sufficient for 2 and definitely tastes better when shared and a happy pocket too.You may also try their fresh juices.


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