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It’s not about the Destination , It’s about the Journey to get there ” and this is probably so true in this case when you can have so much fun in the journey of placing the order to watching your order being made, a true delight to your eyes and senses.

I have been to the Saket store before, but this visit was way more interesting as i could thankfully explore much beyond their ice creams – the flavors, the innovative products and wide range of offering from this Brand.


And now having experienced Niice cream in this depth I can strongly recommend Niice cream to anyone and everyone who loves ice creams. and if thats not your reason enough then answer the following to yourself.

You must visit NIICE Cream 

  • if you have a sweet tooth
  • if you are a dessert lover
  • if you love ice creams 
  • if you love experiments with ice cream
  • if you want to eat what astronauts eat 
  • if you want to taste what liquid nitrogen does to your ice cream that you can’t get in any normal ice cream
  • if you wish to have a sugar-free ice cream
  • if you wish to see your ice cream made right in front of your eyes within 60 seconds.
  • if you love to pick up from a variety of options from color to toppings to flavors.
  • If you love Banta and experiments with Banta
  • If you never had ice creams with Liquor in it (Whiskey , wine , vodka and margarita )
  • If you Love ice cream shakes
  • If you like to check out some cool flavors of Bubble tea

If you love any of the above then this place awaits you to tingle you with taste and an experience that would stay on your palate for a little longer.

Now let’s have a look on stuff that Niice Offers with a smile

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream : 

The name “NIICE Cream ” has its inspiration from the ingredient Liquid nitrogen and the ice creams made from this does not have (water crystals ) rather it converts the milk to cream chilled at -196 degree farenheit. And the best part is you can play with your ice cream from picking up a variant as Cream or sugar-free, from a normal to premium range, adding the color of your choice and topping/ toppings of your choice.Lets have a quick look at few ice creams which I and my talli gang tried their hands on. (My tasting is limited to non alcoholic ones ).

You can also check the NIICE CREAM Saket Review for more details around Liquid Nitrogen Ice creams – Click here 

Alcoholic NIICE Creams : All of these ice creams has around 20 ml of liquor

Purple Ray : This is a blueberry cheese ice cream that is infused with wine.


Rum & Raisin : The raisins have a one night stand with rum and this is how they create an amazing taste in the morning with the ice cream.


Irish Whisky : The ice cream that has 20 ml of whiskey in it , may be not make you hight but still it ll hit you thats the feedback my gang shared.


Mangonita : Its a combination of mango flavor ice cream with margrehita thats why named as MangoNita



Non Alcoholic Niice Creams : these were all something i loved relishing and yet my favorite remains #NaughtyNutella & Mango.

Naughty Nutella 


Ferrero Rochers Ice Cream
Blueberry cheese Cream


The best part about these ice creams are their texture which is super creamy and because which the consistency of the ice cream is really nice, you dont mind sipping off the dipping ice cream.

Bubble Teas 

Now what is a Bubble tea, A bubble Tea is basically a fruit that is dried and powdered and then infused in a tea, which is then added to a Milk based drink. So why it is called a bubble tea, well because a tea base is shaken with a fruit syrup and here it is the dried fruits along with jelly like chewy balls  of that fruit ice blended in milk.So basically these are fruit flavored teas with or without milk but definitely with jelly beans.

Vanilla Bubble Tea 
Honey Dew Bubble Tea 

Niice Burger 


Well this is not something very new but a combination of ice cream and freshly made waffles and the taste is amazing, the waffle base gives the warmth and is a perfect pick if you are sensitive to cold / ice. The ice cream in the centre gives that extra smoothness to this combination that it kind of melts in your mouth. A definite pick if you love experiments with ice cream


TRDLO  Rolls 



One of the best ever had combination of ice cream with a roll, Trdlo are freshly baked cinnamon rolled tapped with ice cream and topping of your choice. As the rolls are freshly baked so they are slightly warm and with ice cream that’s slightly cold, probably the best ever i had. And again this is a great pick if you are here with your kids.And now this is my favorite too.


Nargis faakri is seen eating this in movie rockstar.


Magical Dots Ice Cream 

Now this is the Ice cream of future as thats what the astronauts have in the space, its colorful dots that crackle in your mouth while you eat and have a bubble gum flavor, its almost like having popcorns.Also referred to as the Ice Cream of future. This only stays for 30 seconds and then it starts melting so if you are having this than you need to finish it before it melts.Probably you can only found it here in NIICE Cream

And it is made in the central kitchen and all through stored in dry ice so definitely high on maintenance.

Milk Shakes


The presentations says it all and dont miss to literally lick out this chocolate indulgence from your shake jar, its fun.



These are really nice variations of Banta available at a starting price of Rs. 80/- and one can pick from the many flavors available from paan to kalla khatta , rangila aam panna to santa banta etc.

Overall it was a great experience exploring the entire range of mouth-watering desserts and beverages at this store. A a visit to this is a true delight for dessert lovers. Small set up but great menu and experients with ice creams.

Whats more : They also do party catering for full on liquor ice creams and shakes (No Bakery ) , so if you wanna have all this Liquid nitrogen fun in your party , invite them over and have FUN.


Niice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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