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Niice Cream – Really nice Ice creams

A 5 MINUTE Ice cream making with liquid nitrogen and everything about this ice cream that you need to know before having this creamy yummy ice cream

When we were kids and mom used to make ice cream in the refrigerate back home. Me and my sister would constantly keep opening the fridge and poking our little finger to check if the ice cream is done or not and when it was done it always had our finger imprints and mom would get to know that we lost patience and have checked the ice cream before she did.


This particular place reminded me of those times when making ice cream was equally fun as relishing it. And this place gave me that kick and thrill of getting my ice cream made in just few minutes right in front of my eyes. So let’s have a look at Liquid nitrogen Ice cream at #NiiceCream in DLF Place Saket.

While we were passing by the store the over excited Niice cream team approached us to have a look at their ice cream and all what we could hear was ice cream with -198degree  and while explaining this one of the team member  at the store poured some Liquid nitrogen into a beaker and we were locked to see so much cool fog (fumes ) coming out..

From a range of options to pick from we picked Naughty Nutella from their premium range  without any toppings though there ae a lot of toppings available that comes for just Rs. 20/- additional. The normal range starts at 120/- per cup while premium is for 140/-.Options are many to choose from the premium range – Kitkat, Rocky road, Banoffee pie, brownie choco chip, naughty nutella etc.

whats intresting is they give you a syringe full of chocolate sauce to have it with the ice cream.

So basis your choice they ll take condensed milk with your choice of flavor in a blender , and start blending it while adding liquid nitrogen and within few minutes your ice cream is ready.




And it was super on taste and was very creamy. So in lot of ways this was different from the normal one because it was made in front of us , no freezing time required so quite fast and had a very impactful creamy taste that melted in mouth leaving a strong taste on our tongue.

Now lets understand the basics behind this techn

Why Liquid Nitrogen ?

Liquid nitrogen is -320°F or -196°C (and you can feel this temperature by placing your hand in the beaker ). While liquid nitrogen is used for many temperature-related applications, it’s particularly useful for freezing foods because nitrogen is odorless, colorless, and tasteless.

Is it okay to Have Liquid Nitrogen :

So if you got petrified seeing something that gave fumes in water being added to your ice cream like me, then  don’t be as its complete safe and the reason why your ice cream was so creamy is Liquid nitrogen itself. The secret to the creamy ice cream is all in the rapid freezing of the mixture. The liquid nitrogen causes the fat and the water particles to stay very small, giving the ice cream its creamy consistency unlike the  ice crystals of the traditionally made ice creams.

Nutrients : As the entire mixture is not frozen so according to food science experts, rapid freezing preserves the nutrients in food, so this is more healthy than your normal one.

And now you know everything about the Liquid Nitrozen therefore go out and explore the new kind of ice cream if you have not done that so Far.

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