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Buffet Breakfast at Cafe on 3 HolidayInn

What you love , you tend to repeat and celebrate too. So it was our 12th wedding  anniversary  and while going through the options where we could go for a meal together I looked back and loved the way we had celebrated  our 10th anniversary  with a dinner at Cafe on 3.

Our lil Cake on 10th Anniversary by Cafe on 3 in 2018

While checking the profile of HolidayInn mayur Vihar on Instagram  ,I got to know about this special assisted breakfast spread thats served here with all safety precautions and without  a second thought  I booked my table for 2.

This was 7th December and all the routes to Delhi were sealed due to farmers protest, we managed to reach the place in 2 hrs that was actually a 20 mins drive from our house. But the experience that we had here made this 2 hour drive worthwhile and we came back smiling. So let me quickly take you through the food that was served here for the breakfast Buffet.

Everytime I plan to visit a breakfast buffet I promise myself not to pick my regular food and Guess what ? I always end up picking up the regular food only.Cafe on 3 is serving Chinese, continental , Indian- North Indian & South Indian both with great range and look what all I ended up having. And don’t ask me to rate this as everything was outstanding.

Fruits & Juices

This is the maximum healthy we can get when it comes to breakfast. Starting the buffet with fresh fruits and freshly squeezed juice. This place has my heart for such hearty freshly squeezed orange juice with perfect pulp in it. Good oranges and a perfect juicing process shows in the taste of a fresh orange juice.

Fruit platter and fresh Orange juice 🍊

Poori Sabzi

If you are a North Indian probably all your celebration meal starts with poori , I think poori for UP wallas is equivalent to celebrations. And these poori with Ajwain was my kind of thing. Crispy brown with amazing allo sabzi and I drooled like hell while clicking this.

Poori Sabzi

The English plate

Two egg omelet, hash browns and tomato is just the perfect way to start the English breakfast.

Hakka Noodles

Wok tossed noodles was an absolute delight on the table. And I was all focused on Indian food.

Hakka Noodles

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa served with a big bowl of Sambhar and coconut chutney & Tomato chutney was superb. But what came next was absolutely mind blowing.

Charcoal Dosa

Yes this was the first time that we tried a Charcoal Dosa and trust me this is the best dosa we tried our hands on. Super crispy and super delicious served with amazing chutneys and I felt like this should not end only. Most of the time while I have tried the charcoal food , I could feel a difference in the flavor but here it didn’t came that way. Chef Sidarath came to explain this , its the premium quality of charcoal used and the quantity that imparted the color and goodness of charcoal without interfering with the original taste of the dosa bater.

Charcoal Dosa
Chef Sidharath at Cafe on 3 , HolidayInn


Parantha and poori defines a North Indian. This time we gave break to normal & aloo parantha and opted for Paneer and Gobi Parantha. Served with creamy curd and butter these parantha’s were super delicious and super stuffed

Paneer & Gobi Parantha

Chole Kulche

Delhi’s iconic Chole Kulche made it to our table and while in our heart we were not to have it but such delightful plate when we saw we can’t say no to one. Delicious and truly authentic just the way we have it on the streets of Delhi.

Pancakes & Coffee

Savor the things you love and keep it for the end. I was super delighted to know that they have Pan cakes on the menu not all hotels do pancakes for the breakfast. We got our pancakes with our coffee and that was a super ending to such a delightful sumptuous meal on our anniversary.

Coming to our overall experience with the Breakfast, it was definitely amazing, overwhelming and most of all it was extremely affordable.

You will be surprised to know the price of this delicious spread, well its just Rs. 499/- plus taxes. And probably thats the cost of each dish individually if was not on buffet menu.

I have to thank the team of Cafe on 3 for surprising us with a lovely cake and we were speechless when the team came with this lovely surprise.

Surprise Cake by Cafe on 3 Team

Thank you HolidayInn Team once again for being such amazing host as always. And we picking you again to celebrate our anniversary shows our love for this place and speaks a lot of your hospitality standards , even in the testing times we were confident that we will be taken care of. And we thank you for that with all our heart.

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