It took me to be a Mom to understand -MOM

If you are the eldest in your family , you are definitely showered with more love than any other siblings in the family. But that doesn’t apply to a mother and I could only understand this and many other things about my mother when I became a mother myself of my twin girls.

Mom is always your first Human

Me and Mom

She is the first person ( Human being ) you know ever since you come into existence, but sadly she is also the first person who is always taken for granted. And we don’t even realize it. Mom is my first human and I realized it more after my girls were born. Whenever I struggled to take care of both of them she was always the first one to get a call for help. And that made me realize that however independent I may become or however resourceful I may be, but she is still my shoulder for support in crisis and my go to person.

A Mom is the Best Chef Ever for the kid

There are many restaurants that can cook a variety of dishes to your taste but there is not one place other than your moms kitchen that can serve to your heart. The very basic food tastes so delicious and only she knows the food you love without a menu card that you need to refer while she is cooking. My mom makes the world’s best Aloo Parantha’s for me. And even the plain warm milk served by her is so delicious, I sometimes wonder what did she do to it. Little we realize its just pure love and only loads of selfless love that adds to the Taste. And one thing that scares me to hell is if she is gone where would I get that taste.

And whenever I cook for my kids I have the same feeling what probably my mom must had. And I try my level best to ensure I make the best of everything that I try for them and I think thats a mothers Instinct. You are unconsciously intuitive of their choices and ensure they eat to their heart when they don’t even want to eat at all.

Mom is most Intuitive & the best shield Ever

I always wondered how my mom would know what I am desiring for and would try and fix it without us saying a word. That’s her intuitiveness, and I think that’s amazing. Many a times she has showered us with gifts that I wanted but have never asked her for. And same goes with her playing the best shield for us , be it defending us in front of ever cribbing relatives or our mistakes and she does all this with zero expectations.

I feel this when I am picking up anything for kids ,I have generally picked a clue for the stuff to get for them in our conversation not in their demands with me. And however much I may direct them but when someone else is Instructing them ,I become so defensive as if its targeted to me not them. That’s how a mom feels about a kid. First to preach and first one in their defense.

Mom is the most strongest human I Know

Surprisingly I don’t remember that I ever felt as a kid that she might get sick as well while she was always concerned about us across all seasons that we might fall ill and would take care of us accordingly. Headaches thats like a very frequent thing to us, I don’t remember my mom ever said to me that she is having a headache. All she needed was a power nap in the afternoon and 50% of the times we would have bothered her during that time too. And the energy with which she will do everything for me is truly commendable. And it’s the same till date.

She was there for us as kids and now there for my kids too.

And when I see myself running around doing stuff for my kids ,I feel the same sense of responsibility and strength to do everything for them and go out of my way to fix up things for them ,I can relate to my mother.

Mom is Epitome of love

When it comes to defining the best form of love ,no wonders a mothers love for the child is of highest level and that’s so true, else who can go through so much physically, emotionally, mentally for another human being as much as a mother goes through since the day 1. And all the love that she showers on the child is selfless without any hidden agenda irrespective how she is being treated by the child.

And this makes me wonder most of the time ,has God made this relationship of a mother and kid for a reason. May be to keep the world united and connected in a lasting bond. The below lines are so meaningful

“पुत्र कपूत सुने बहुतेरे । ना माता सुनी कुमाता ।।”

I remember how my mom has put in efforts in making us memorize most of the prayers by making posters by her hands and sticking it on the Pooja ghar and making us pray everyday and today I repeat the same with my kids to transfer the same value.

She made us Value Food

Everytime she served us food she made us realize how someone has worked so hard to get a plate of food on our table and we need to respect & value that. Till date I would think twice before wasting even a spoon of food, and that’s what her giving is. It doesn’t matter how much we can afford what matters is that we can never afford to waste even a bit of food in our plate. A plate full of food is a blessing and a spoonful of food if wasted is a curse. And today I have seamlessly passed this wisdom to my kids and its an achievement for me to see them following it like a code which is a delight of next level.

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A self proclaimed storyteller who loves food and is a health freak to the core. A person who has got a sense of humor to lighten up the most serious stuff. i love the life as it comes, planning is not my cup of tea since i am coffee lover. I brew my own jokes in all situations and love being my own audience. Happy go lucky is the attitude that i carry around. and i stay away from people who throw attitude(cant understand why they carry the weight of their attitude when all they can do is to throw it on others )

27 comments on “It took me to be a Mom to understand -MOM

  1. This is such a heartwarming post, Arti! Loved it. ‘Mom is my first human’ , this truth itself takes away the heart.
    And yes, it takes us to become a parent to understand our parents better 😊
    Such lovely relationship you have with your mom, beautiful moments shared, and all the endearing qualities that moms are magically equipped with!

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  2. A mother is the most important person in a child’s life. Even when the child becomes an adult, they continue to look upon the mother for love, support and understanding. A mother is the most powerful role model in a child’s life.

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  3. Mothers are first one we look upto in life and yes I agree we can feel the importance and feelings of mother after becoming one. And when my kids say how you know what we are about to say I have a smile on my face and recall how I used to say to my mother :))

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  4. I really felt as if I was reading my own thoughts about my mom and any mom in general. God made moms take his place on Earth, isn’t it? Cherish every moment u have with her and ur daughters are blessed to have her. I adore my grandsons and feel like I am a mom all over again.

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  5. Yes our mothers are our lifelines that we take for granted and I also agree with you that we truly start appreciating them only after we become mothers ourselves. You have caught the essence of this beautiful relationship well in your post.

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  6. Truly agree that moms are supreme creations and helps us at all stages of our life. I also understood this after becoming a mom

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  7. Moms are special and the precious gift God has created to bless the life of ours! Your write up pulled me to the memory lane when my mom used to take power nap and we siblings were all charged to give the most mischievous power pack performance only during that hour. As a mom now I realized when my kids disturb me while taking nap how we took our mothers so for granted at some point. Loved your post!

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  8. Alpana Deo

    You poured out your heart in to this post Arti. Moms are God’s Gift. And we can understand that feeling and the divinity today when we become a mother.

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  9. dedicating all my success health and beautiful life to my mom is also less of gratitude that I can show to her. your post has brought out the right respect, love and consideration our parents and the now grandparents deserve. A lovely take on womanhood and dedication


  10. Sivaranjini Anandan

    This is a heartfelt if the word selfless love exists it has only one meaning that is the love of a mother. No wonder that it is the precious bond that is blessed. Very well written and thanks for writing dear. 😊

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  11. Oh yes we have to salute our moms because we were brats and now we are understanding why they said what they said and did what they did.

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  12. It’s a heart-touching post, Arti. We realise the essence of this relationship only after we attain motherhood. You have beautifully expressed how mothers are so special for their children.

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  13. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    wow such a hatke take on theme. your post has made me nostalgic and I agree the moms are best. they do lots of things for their kids selflessly and yes we take it for granted. like you I had also realized the inter feelings of that my mother has faced only after being a mom.

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  14. This write up of yours is closest to my heart..

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  15. such a heartfelt post and if agree to this that Mothers are first one we look upto in any situation .We often take them as granted but we realise their importance only after becoming mother ourselves . Life is full circle

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  16. mothers are like ocean. They have so much to give and they are so much. Love, compassion, knowledge, courage what all we learn is from our mothers only.


  17. mominprocessnow

    The most heart-warming post I read today.. how much you can relate only when you become one yourself.

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  18. Swarnali Nath

    This is very heart warming post dear Arti. Though I always reside in the opposite pole of my mom, I could feel her affection when I am far from her. Your post is so lovely and so beautifully written. Heart touching. Lots of love to you dear. Get well soon.

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