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Sunday #Brunch at NEGE & JU at Lodhi Colony

Some places have a vibe and a soul that consumes & transforms you to a parallel world as you enter. And this place pretty much did the same to us. Not only it is captivating and happening but it also transforms itself from one cuisine to another, literally from one continent to another.

Ambience & Spaces

Artwork and mirrors on walls giving larger than life prospective to the space , beautifully crafted  lampshades and quirky hashtags welcomes you at this large space, replete with a small al fresco backyard.

NEGE & Ju during the day

You heard me right this place is white by the  day with Williamsburg feel, an upmarket & trendy vibe with super vibrant & colourful art works decked up on the wall . Off-white walls with European artwork, and scintillating music plays the right cord to your mood. The open air sitting sets the perfect scene for a lazy afternoon while you are here for a Sunday Brunch that starts at 12 pm. while on regular days you may savour a leisurely lunch in the sunny, bright space of Nege & Ju with  fresh flavours & carefully crafted modern, European menu, available everyday for lunch 12pm – 4pm.

Save the reading and have a look – #SundayBrunch

Nege & Ju by the night

In the night this place transforms like a fairy tale into dark with colourful lights setting up the mood to party and food to asian. What seemed a bright white & magical place in the day transforms to a dark black theme,  that is sexy, velvety and mysterious,  with a music that plays with your mind , making you wonder have you stepped in the same NEGE & Ju that was so different in the day, But thinking loud isn’t it exactly how we as humans are.

A delightful place where you could soak the sun during the day, converts to a musical stopover for asian food lovers. & who doesnt like Asian Cuisine. The place not only changes colors but everything is turned around between the two services—wooden table tops flip over to glass ones, upholstery is removed to reveal a different look, revolving wall panels switch to the other identity, and the team turns in beige uniforms for the more evening-friendly black. Date night or large groups, the space accommodates both with equal ease.

Nege & Ju for Personal Party

If you plan to host a party and still you wish to be at a place that can be happening , has live music, has a bar , has a dedicated terrace , has got a vibe and is not costing you a bomb, your search for a place for a  small get together for around a 30-50 people ends here, with a specially curated space on the first floor with everything of its own – A terrace, Washrooms , selfie zone and a bar space and the best part is its not very expensive too for the kind of place this is.

Nege & Ju under the Sun

If you love open spaces in a restaurant like I do , if you prefer some greens around , if you like the natural air kissing you , if love the blow of the mist fan throwing you off balance , if you love the smell of the earth around, if you love being clicked in the natural light , this place has just got just the perfect table for you under the sun and trust me a winter brunch can’t get better than this.

Sunday #BRUNCH @ NEGE & JU

Well if you are a sunday person – laid back and yet happening than look no further just book your table and walkin to the safest restaurant for a lazy sunday brunch, let the menu do the talking and all you do is just relish the delicacies served one after the other and you would not know when its time for a high tea.

Brunch Menu at #NegeandJu
Cocktail Menu at Nege & Ju

I am sure the brunch menu is like heaven for the non vegetarians but its no less a treat for the vegetarians as well. here I am sharing all what we could eat being eggitarian.

Breads + Cheese Platter + Condiments

If you are a cheese lover this is for you with a variety of cheese – #Brie , #Bocconcini , #EdamBall #Gouda , #Feta & #Emmenthal served with choice of Breads from #Cibattta , #Focaccia #FrenchBaguette , #Multigrain etc. with condiments – Olives – both black & white , Prunes, Apricots, Cheese crackers, Homespiced nuts & Capers.

Breads , condiments & Cheese Platter

From the Kitchen

They serve over 5 varieties of Egg preparations – you can have Egg of your choice from Fried, Poached , Omelette or  boiled , while you can also get a #Egg Benedict or a Egg Florentine. We had a folded omelette & a Egg Florentine. And I would like to strongly recommend the Egg Florentine to all the egg lovers for the spinach and perfectly poached Egg with it.

Jackfruit Tacos

Jackruit is my favourite and so is Tacos , and this is just a perfect amalgamation of both the ingredients , call for 1 one to start with and as you like it you may ask for more.

Jakfruit Tacos

Spicy Okra

Very few restaurants does the Okra right and they got it just right with spring onions and fried garlic over it served with  a yuzu tofu foam dip – a clever, well balanced dish.

Spicy Okhra

Avocado with Super seeds

They do Avocado with soldier & sweet paprika and you can get 3 variations of it for vegetarians a version with super seeds, another  2 with crab and Poached Egg. We opted for the Super seed one and this was served with Chia seed bread done in butter and we absolutely loved it.

Pizza – Truffle Bianco

They say dont miss the dish that is the restaurants speciality and when Aishwarya, a charming soul who assisted us with the menu here mentioned us of this Pizza and its uniqueness we cant say no to it,

Truffle Bicano

This Pizza is a signature dish by Chef Anup who is the sous chef here and is also the mastermind behind the Brunch menu & I can vouch he is the best with his Pizza’s. So this has Provolone & Parmesan cheese with truffle oil sprinkled over the layer of these, its not a thin crust pizza but its a cheese loaded one. and it has got chef’s secret recipe that offers it a delightful taste. The Pizza has its taste from the truffle sauce and a pre set temperature at which it is cooked.

Pizza – Caprese

I am thin crust Pizza person with a thing for Boccocini & Basil so this one served me right with perfectly crisp thin crust and an amazing sauce with baby tomatoes.

Vegetable Platter

Sometimes just one ingredient on the dish is good enough for you to ask for it,And this one had #SweetPotatoes for me  and it was worth every bite.

Zuchini , belle peppers skewers served with potato wedges , Sweet potatoes and leeks and it was absolutely indulging with a play of amazing sauces over it.

Toast & Ice Cream

A super rich Bread toast of Brioche Bread , golden-brown and decadently buttery with a hint of sweetness and lots of eggs in the dough, with power to uplift anything, served with a scoop of dolceGelato #Icecream had my heart, we combined it with Black coffee and it was truly a heavenly ending of an amazing Brunch.

Toast with IceCream

A word of caution before you plan for  Brunch – Don’t go alone & dont go with someone boring, this place has a magic of ingniting conversations like no other place so ensure you are being accompanied by someone you love sitting under the sun. And secondly don’t plan if you are not a foodie or dont have a appetite worth the delicacies served. The food is super indulging and it will go on. Lastly the Sunday Brunch here is not for you if you just want to rush in & out for lunch, you need to soak in the place just the way the food is being served with outstanding service. They are fast with their service with literally a hawk eye to keep bringing food on table and clearing dishes in a flip of a second, but in the interest of consuming the food slowly and gradually you should not rush a brunch as lavish as this.

About Nege & Ju

The name is based on the shop numbers – Shop no 9 as Nege & Shop No 10 as Ju in Japanese Brought to you by Navneet and Randeep Bajaj of Ambrosia Hospitality, yes you got that right they are the folks behind Amour Bistro, Townhall, Public Affair, and Mr. Choy, Nege & Ju is a first of its kind in India. So its Nege by the day and turns into Ju – Asian restaurant by the night.

Recommended: Must  Truffle Bianco , Jackfruit Tacos,Avocado with super seeds, Egg Florentine  in the Brunch Menu.

Opening hours: 12 pm to 6 pm and 6 pm to 12 am

Call – 098991 11734 II   Website II Facebook II Zomato

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