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Every Colour says something even the color of the Poop💩 of your little one

Every mother is worried about the wellbeing of a little one specially when they are under one year old. Even the slightest change in their routine or a pattern bothers us like anything. While the little one is small each and everything about them reflects a lot about their health for instance the colour of the poop and trust me the colour of The Poop of a little one is the biggest health indicator and you you can know about your kids in a big way by just regularly checking the motion of the kids.

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Green colour tan baby poop

If you baby is being fed on formula milk and breastfeed milk, this is the normal kind of poop. it can also be a signal that baby is getting over a stomach bug so you don’t need to panic this is all normal.
But in case of baby is 100% on formula milk then this is something that you need to think around physiatry reading gassy and uncomfortable it could be a sign of milk allergy reaction in the formula and that would be due to the cows milk allergy in the formula milk.

Dark green poop

Again another condition where you don’t have to worry at all this is pretty much normal especially when the baby is fed on formula milk and this can be a caused because of of the iron in baby formula milk that can cause baby poop to darken. Ants at times may be due to the supplement tonics or syrup the baby is taking write the multi vitamin and iron supplements in form of syrups.

White poop

if the baby poop is Jockey wheatish or grey colour this can be a sign that liver is an functioning correctly so so you might have to to connect with the pediatrician and consult him to guide you further

Grey colour poop

this has hardly too much to do if your baby is feeding on combination milk that is formula + breastfeed then and eating solid food so it may depend upon certain food which has had not something which you need to really worry upon but if the baby hasn’t started table food order solid food it could indicates a liver or a gallbladder problem so again you might have to consider the pediatrician

Black colour poop

Newborns if the stool is still black by day 3 it may be assigned baby is not getting adequate nutrition or digesting milk properly so maybe you might have to look at the quantity and also the nutrition level of the kids but if the kid is older this could be caused by iron in the diet which is again no big deal so relax is completely normal but if the baby is not taking any iron supplements it could be a sign of jiotrack Bill reading and this is where you need to be a little worried because you need to go and see a doctor.

Orange colour poop

if the baby is on solid food Orange coloured it is completely normal to just completely fine if the baby has been on medication for each artificially coloured food like the guys that make their way into the breast milk or which is coming from the natural food or if the baby is is if the baby is only having breastfed milk you can still consult a pediatrician if you are really worried about this

Mustard yellow poop

Now this is a good news because this is absolutely perfect and normal for all incense so if this is how the baby group is you are really doing a good job.

Red colour Poop

I think so red colour has always been associated with danger and this is something which we need to address immediately if your kid is completely on breast feed and you see the poop is having some red colour one of the reason may be that the baby might have swallowed some blood with milk from the cracks in your nipple.Another reason not panicking can be the flux of radar generally not a big deal red color might also appear if the baby is constipated straining too hard to put out and while doing this they some tissue that that has happened because of which includes those red flags in the but if the baby is eating table food you may have to play the detective to find out that any food is there that is giving this colour like for instance be treated food or tomato at times gives that colour or if it is bloody read or very bright red then it is a clear indication of eye infection or an allergy and injury or other medical concern and as a mother I would suggest this is what you need to address immediately so consult a paediatrician immediately if none of the above is happening with the kid and the Poop remains red in colour.

First thing first never panic and don’t over analyse if in doubts always connect with your paediatrician.

Prisha Lalwani
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  2. Doctor mommy

    That was a really comprehensive post on Newborn poop colours. it has always been a huge cause of concern for first-time moms and this is sure to help tons out there.

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  3. Hahahahha this is so true. I have gone through this twice and had gotten used to it by the end of it. Good write up with all the types of poop in one place. Hahahha


  4. I have been through the phase of googling the colors or call up my mom for her advice. A real helpful post for all new moms! 😉

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