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Liv Bar Aerocity is Live & happening Now

Delhiites missed on the fun of dinning and partying all through the lockdown. But eversince the lockdown has opened up and most of the dining places are opening doors ensuring all the safety procedures for the dinners. The dining scene is really changing fast. And everyone is adopting to the new normal.

It’s October and this is my first lunch outing of the month , I picked up Aerocity to explore places out here. Just at the parking entry security guard took our temperatures and also checked the status of our covid on the arogya Setu app. After checking this he allowed us to get into the parking. As we reached The walk there was this installation that was automatically scanning and giving like temperatures and anybody who has a higher temperature was not allowed inside the walk. And here we are at Liv with safety procedures marked right at the entry

Entry of Liv Bar , Aerocity

As you enter your mask is being checked, hands sanitized and they are also requesting people to keep a mask right at the entry with a board. And the sitting is with one table distance and the servers also take care of social distancing while serving.

Let’s get to the best part of this place – Music , Lively screens , drinks – order your drink as you like it & Food , all these things are the USP of this place.

The place has got a very lively vibe and you can feel it right from outside. Huge LED screen right over the bar sets the party mood with great music and the bar is done so beautifully offering the most picturesque spot at the restaurant.

Come alive at Liv Bar

Talking of the drinks, if you are very experimental with your drinks then this is your place they do not have a pre set menu for the drinks and you can custom order the drink basis your preference of ingredients you can get any mocktail done the way you want it so it’s a live bar. Tried our hands on peach iced tea, fruit punch and two more experimental drink by the mixologist, all of them were so great. Probably this is the first place baby drank more than we ate.

Mocktails at Liv Bar
Fruit Punch & Peach 🍑 Ice Tea

A place that gets your food right even if you order a lot of variety still each of the thing is distinct in its preparation and taste talks a lot about the expertise in the back kitchen and this is one of that place. we tried so many different things and we were amazed by the authentic taste of each and every dish and the way they were plated keeping all the ingredients in tact absolutely the right kind of garnishing and tempering keeping on with the authenticity of the dish.

Dahi & Cheese Kebab : Very few places are able to get this perfect. The kebab should stays like a kebab on the plate while it is served and should melts in your mouth just like a blast of flavours.Liv gets you the perfect dahi kabab , serving has 5 pieces with cut onions and chutney on the side. This is highly recommended if you have a palette for Indian food.

Dahi & cheese Kebab at Liv Bar Aerocity

Lebanese Platter : if you are a fan of Mediterranean cuisine you must try this mezze Platter, more so if you have a person who loves non veg and vegetarian at the same time. this was for the first time I saw a platter got served with the combination of veg and non veg on the same platter. You can enjoy your pita bread and hummus and Falafel with streaks of chicken and that’s what a lebanese platter at Liv is all about.

Lebanese Platter at Liv Bar Aerocity

Cheese Nachos : if you are looking for a snack that can perfectly compliment a conversation with your drinks then this should be your pick at Liv.If you can handle nachos with cheese do order this. This is definitely loaded cheese nachos that has mashed beans jalapenos, served with Pico de Gailo & sour cream

Cheese Nachos at Liv Bar Aerocity

Moving on to the next segment of Soup, Salads & Desserts. I tried the Fruit salad that was done in balsamic sauce with cut pears, rocket leaves, pomegranate & caramelized walnuts. since we were a bit confused with the main course so we opted for the soup. And thankfully the soup changed our mind


Salad 🥗

Liv special Khao suey : If you want to have noodles and want to have a soup + noodle and want a lot of veggies in it and then you want a lot of side things , and you like coconut in your curry,don’t think any further all you need is just a Khao suey soup. This is a complete meal in itself and one portion of Liv special Khao suey is good enough for two people.

Khao suey at Liv Bar Aerocity

If you have a sweet tooth then you could not say no to a dessert after a sumptuous meal at Liv. We opted for two options from the three we had on the menu one of it was the baked cheesecake and the other one was dark chocolate ganache with brownie base and nuts. And trust me both of them were super indulging.

Bakes Cheesecake
Dark chocolate ganache with brownie base

If you’re looking to have a good time in Delhi NCR and you are slightly confused on where to go then don’t think too much , just head to Liv Bar Aerocity. This restaurant is a perfect place for a small get together , a cosy corner or just any celebration you have in your mind.


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