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Andhra Style Mango Pickle – Avakai

During Lockdown we have tried hands on recipes and dishes that we always ignored due to the time constraints. But having so much time to ourselves we all could go an extra mile and try things that were to be bought readymade from the supermarkets. One such thing for me was the Mango Pickles.

Mango pickle is one thing that is a constant across household just like the king of fruit – Mango, this pickle is commonly found in most of the indian kitchens across the country but its not same everywhere. This is one pickle that exists in many varieties and still called the same – #MangoPickle.

I have tried my hands on over 5 varieties of this pickle as a beginner and i am already feeling overwhelmed. The recipe is pretty much same just changing the process of making and spices each one tastes so different. So here’s to my favourite one so far among the 5 i tried & this is #AndhraStyleMango Pickle also called as #Avakai which means Mango Pickle.

#Avakai – #Mango Pickle Recipe video

Ingredients :

  1. Cut Mangoes – 150 gms
  2. Sesame Oil ( Gingelly Oil )- 100 ml
  3. Mustard seeds – Coarsely grounded – 2 Teaspoon
  4. Asafoetida (Hing ) – 1 spoon
  5. Black Salt – 2 Teaspoon
  6. Red Chilli powder ( Kashmiri Red Mirch ) – 2 Teaspoon
  7. Whole Red Chillies – Sun dried – 7-10 peices
  8. Garlic – 7-10 (peeled )


Preparing Mangoes for the Recipe

Clean mangoes and keep them in water for 2 hours , then dry them with a cloth and cut into small pieces.

  1. In a bowl Mix all the spices and then add Oil.
  2. Mix all the ingredients well so that no lumps of salt or any ingredients remain and it will be a like a Oil Paste with the spices
  3. Now Add Whole red chilli and cloves of garlic then mix them well
  4. Add Cut mangoes
  5. Mix all the ingredients well
  6. Now take a glass jar to store the Mango and put the lid loosely so that the gases can escape from the jar
  7. Keep it like this for 10 days and occasionally keep stirring with a spoon every alternate day
  8. The pickle is ready on the 10th day, you can see the mango pickle has left oil and the liquid content of the Mango pickle has increased and thats the sign its ready to eat. ( This can happen within 3-5 days )

Enjoy the Mango pickle in Andhra style , the gingelly oil ads a very different flavour to this pickle and lets the aroma & taste of spices used come out really well along with a lovely colour unlike the pungent Mustard oil.

Do check out my other videos for more Mango pickle recipes

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