Stress busters – 15 tips to help kids destress

As Parents we are always looking to make our kids happy and see them grow with all good things. There is a lot goes in making a kid do things while they are completely dependent on us and are staying indoors due to the Pandemic and this is a beautiful blog for all the mothers to engage their kids in something positive. Give it a read.


Just like us adults, kids too have their down times or times when they feel really stressed, angered and aggressive. We as parents get really worked up when we see our kids in such a state but the most important thing to do here is to acknowledge what your child is feeling and also understand that even though they are kids, they too have emotions and at times they need to vent it out.

Stress in kids can be due to many reasons and can also crop from anxiety and fear of maybe going to a new place, new school, being between unknown people, going away from parents or their nanny or simply worrying about their changing body or something as trivial as a something of theirs is lost or broken.

Your child may start hitting someone or oneself in anger, break something or yell back at you. These are…

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A self proclaimed storyteller who loves food and is a health freak to the core. A person who has got a sense of humor to lighten up the most serious stuff. i love the life as it comes, planning is not my cup of tea since i am coffee lover. I brew my own jokes in all situations and love being my own audience. Happy go lucky is the attitude that i carry around. and i stay away from people who throw attitude(cant understand why they carry the weight of their attitude when all they can do is to throw it on others )

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