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Onam Special Sadhya – Home delivered by Conosh

Sadhya – An auspicious Onam meal that’s served as lunch and is a Vegetarian Meal, comprises of over 23 + dishes and is served on a Banana leaf. This is a celebration meal and a Onam tradition in Kerala.

I experienced this maha spread during the #SouthSideStory hosted by RedFM last year and had the opportunity to experience it 3 times with #Mahabelly – a Restaurant in saket serving Kerala cuisine . Further had a dine in experience with #MalabarKitchen in Noida. So this year with Pandemic I was sure I am not going to step out for Sadhya Meal.

But Miles&Meals had a different plan to surprise me on the eve of Onam, Miles&Meals is the blog hosted by Ruchi who is a food blogger , home baker & a special menu curator with #Conosh.

Conosh is an online platform for experiences & food delivery from Homechefs and they specialize in handpicking home chefs and they curate special menu with the home chefs and market the experience/ Menu / food and then deliver it. And absolutely a supporter of #Vocalforlocal

So Sunday evening became high on food with Sadhya getting home delivered via Conosh curated by Homechef Ms Ruchi.

Everything was neatly packed in different boxes and was delivered with a Banana leaf in a Paper bag and fresh Mogra flowers literally transforming me to south of India.

The specially curated Sadhya Meal was prepared taking all precautions , as I saw the insta stories by Ruchi on her insta handle of food preparation. And was delivered keeping in mind the NRAI guidelines for safety during pandemic.

Have a look at the Menu card that came with food explaining each and every dish of the 17 items that were delivered in the Sadhya Meal.

This is a delightful meal that is enjoyed by placing all the dishes over the banana leaf in a similar manner as shown in the picture and there is a science on the placement of each and every item on the menu and you need to eat it in a particular fashion.

Banana leaf needs to be placed in such a way that the tapering end of Banana leaf needs to be on your left. The meal needs to start with Jaggery Banana chips called as Sharkara Uperi , then Banana chips and then you start with the rice and all the pickles, vegetables , sabhar etc mixing it on the leaf and in this process you get the benefits of the banana leaf. The food needs to be consumed with hands and that’s what makes it very very special. ( Spoons & Forks not allowed on the banana leaf meal )

Here are few of my favorite items from the Sadhya

1. #Pachadi is something that is made with curd so it can be Pineapple Pachadi or Beetroot Pachadi.

2. #Avial : It’s a vegetable almost like the mixed veg in our north indian meal, only difference is that it’s cooked in coconut curry & It’s a gravy item. If you love coconut milk based curries you will love this.

3. #Thoran – A very subtle vegetable dish that’s crunchy, done in coconut oil and has grated coconut as well & lentils.

4. #Rasam : There is a reason why this miracle soup like dish is a part of Onam sadhya – it’s high on spices , with a strong flavor of Tamarind and tomato. And it cleanses our system.

5 Payasam : I can have Payasam round the year , I love this so much. It’s a traditional dish that’s made with rice and milk as the key Ingredients. I love the one with jaggery in place of sugar.

You have to end the meal with a banana, again good for your body and helps in digesting this very special meal.

The best part of the entire Sadhya that Ruchi made was it was authentic to the core. I know she is not a Malayalee but the justice which she did with each of the dishes was absolutely outstanding. And best part the Banana leaf was very fresh as if delivered directly from banana tree & the Banana that came with the meal was not the one which is readily available in market in Delhi, rather it was the same small banana that you get down south. So the detailing in keeping the food authentic yet festive was commendable.

And the most special part of this special delivery was her hand written note and I can’t stop blabbering about it. I think a festival becomes auspicious when people who share love and wishes, and this hand written note was truly the highlight of this entire meal.

Thank you Ruchi once again for serving such a memorable meal and literally my first Sadhya ever that was home delivered with so much love.

Check out the Sadhya Meal in motion on my Instagram handle here


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#Love is best when it is expressed without words and for a foodie like me it's even better when it comes in form of Food. . Last year with #SouthSideStory I got to explore #Sadhya – The authentic #onamfestival meal served as Vegetarian lunch with over a dozen dishes served on a banana leaf. . This year I was sure with the ongoing pandemic I will not be able to try this one, since it's only available during the Onam days and very few #Kerala Restaurant do this spread. But to my surprise Ruchi @milesnmeals curated this special Sadhya that got featured as the best spread as well this week with @conoshofficial And that officially is my First #sadhya that got home delivered. Talking of special, @milesnmeals had been an inspiration to me in lot many ways ever since I met her early this year. From trying my hands on some of her recipes to sharing her food pictures ( again my first repost of a food picture from any other account) …. I can't thank her enough for being so thoughtful on sending so much love. The hand written note with Sadhya had my heart , & Ruchi I mean it. You are an inspiration to me just like few other food Influencer – @thecuratedbuzz_foodmaniacs sir @theurbanescapades sir @ambicagulati mam from whom I had been learning a lot. So more love to you each day. A huge shoutout to all my Insta family to try her bakes and other food , if you are in #southdelhi she is the best #homeBaker you should be sourcing your breads from as she bakes daily in limited quantities. #OnamMeal #onam #keralafood #authenticfood #indianfood #indiancuisine #SouthIndianFood #homedelivery #foodieofinstagram #negligeposts #muddyzpuddle #HappyOnam #sadya #foodporn

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