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Gooseberries & Peanut Chutney Recipe

We are all aware of the health benefits of Amla, but don’t you think it’s so tricky to even eat one.

A food that is loaded with vitamin C but is equally sour to consume directly, most of us have it as Amla candy or as Amla murabba and both of them are very high on Sugar.

So , today we are going to make a very healthy and palatable recipe with Amla ( Gooseberries) as a key ingredient.This is a chutney that is perfectly enjoyed with idli, paratha, sandwiches and can even be used as a DIP alongside your salads , nachos or with chips for that matter.


Let’s have a look at the ingredients

1. Gooseberries 3- 4

2. Roasted peanuts

3. Curd

4. Green chilli

5.Green coriander

6. Salt to taste


Wash the Amla and dice them into small pieces and remove the seeds. Take Curd almost half the quantity of diced Amla ( Gooseberries).

Take handful of peanuts And dry roast them remove the outer layer that’s the red cover. Now in a blender put all the ingredients together and blend.

Gooseberries may take some time to blend finely therefore keep checking for small chunks of Amla in the chutney once it is finely done transfer it in a bowl for immediate consumption.

This chutney is loaded with a lot lot of of health benefits because of the ingredients that goes into this chutney unlike other chutney this one acts like a probiotic and is loaded with vitamin C this is also the easiest way to consume almost one Amla a day to include it in your meals in breakfast and lunch. The cured in this recipe helps reduce the sour and hitting taste of Amla while the roasted peanut adds to the crunch , oil from the peanuts adds to the taste and greasiness.

It’s great to consume this chutney fresh, immediately after making it but you can also refrigerate it and consume it in 2 – 3 days though it is best when consumed fresh.

You may have a look at the video of the recipe here

Video Recipe for Amla Chutney in Hindi

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