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Vegetable & Spinach Soup

If someone asked you to consume all the vegetables for dinner, it may be a bit boring but a vegetable soup is a great option to make all these vegetables a lot more palatable and also keep it healthy as you don’t have to use oil to make the soup so the nutrients of the vegetables are intact without getting the unhealthy calories in form of cooking oil as it happens while you cook vegetables or stir fry them.

So this one is a quick fix for an early and healthy dinner , takes just 5-10 minutes of making and is super healthy, have a look at ingredients.

#Carrot – 1

#Spinach ( Chopped almost a handful )

#Tomatoes- 2 ( whole Tomatoes )

#Onion – 1/2 ( Slices into small peices )

#Garlic – 2 cloves

#Cabbage ( 2 wraps – don’t cut it just unwrap 2 leaves from the cabbage and use it )

#Lemon juice ( 1 table spoon )

Spices to taste – Black Salt / Table salt, black pepper.

The above ingredients are good enough to make a full bowl sufficient for dinner for 1.

Process – Just boil all the vegetables adding a glass of water and let it cool. In a blender add all the boiled vegetables as it is with lemon juice , salt & pepper. The water that was used to boil the Vegetables should also be used while blending. If you want your soup to be thick use only half a glass of water while boiling.

Serve it hot. Hope you like it. In the above picture I have saved few carrot slices to garnish it and The stock made 3 servings lik this.

This is easiest to make and is very tasty and healthy as well.

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