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InQ at The Manor Hotel

A peaceful Serene location, away from the city chaos right in the city – That’s what is very special about this Boutique Hotel – The Manor. And its latest offering In-Q is a great hang around place for it’s amazing curation and presentation of Food, ambience and uniqueness of a one stop for all eating out.If you are looking for a perfect corner for a romantic date with a green view this should be your pick. Wanna come around with kids , then this is your pick. A cozy big bang family eating out ,then this is your pick. A hanging out option with office gang , then this is your definite pick.Let me quickly move to the food that it offers.Well the menu is a fusion menu and brings a lot more stories to the table along with delicacies they serve.Our first course of food started with this Milk chocolate and what was inside it was absolutely unexpected. Well just imagine when you first tasted the pulse candy. Sweet outside and tangy inside. Well this palate cleanser is an absolute milk chocolate bomb, filled with tangy golgappa water inside and topped with celery dust makes it look appetizing and delicious at the same time. ( I had 2 and I am not kidding )And then came most presentable assortment of well curated meal.Phucka Twist : Not always I like it when a #StreetFood gets a bit sophisticated with modern presentation and a twist to taste with new addition. But this #phucka won me over.
Presentation off course is great . The Phuchka is served as is without breaking it too much unlike the way our street golgappa is bursted. In this case the filling inside goes with a keep and is done in layers.
Layer 1 – #Avacardo bed
layer 2 #Wasabi
Layer 3 #Tamarind that seals the opening and little herb that seems like a newly germinated seed.
Put it in your mouth and close your eyes for a roller coaster of taste. You would love it even if you can’t handle wasabi …. Believe me or try it.ChaatServed on the black pebbles. And the significance of black pebbles is with the Old Delhi roads, and the fumes is the Fog / Smog of Delhi. The #Chaat has the base made of Maida and Cumin seeds , and then it has layering of fruits salsa further topped by yoghurt , served with Californian based salsa and it’s delicious for sure.
We enjoyed it with all it’s drama. Served with 5 prices this is worth a try. And I told you this place is a lot about stories .Getting to the main courseCrisp Okra :Crispy is the best way Okra is loved by everyone. Now imaging Crispy Okra, crispy Potato things and serves in layers of yummy gravy loaded with onion and spices. And its a do it yourself mains. So before you have it you need to mix it thoroughly to infuse the spices from the layered gravy into the main dish… Isn’t it Amazing. And was truly delicious.Paneer Tandoori :While the name may sound more like a appetizer but it’s a dish from the main course and is truly delicious.Stuffed tandori paneer served in the sauce made of Plums & apricots and topped with the green froth made of mint. A perfect amalgamation of sweet, minty and spicy flavors. Served with black pepper naans to add the hotness of this dish.This picture is just to show how well a dish is made that from outside you can’t see the layering that’s so important for the flavors.And getting on to the last course and that’s my favorite, save yourself it’s dessert time.Even before I came here I was going through the Zomato menu of the place and checking the pictures and I was amazed to see the amazing dessert pics. And looks are deceiving. As looking at the pictures you can’t judge what it is… But I assure you it’s tasty to the core.Air Dried HalwaYou look at this and you will not call it Halwa . Air dried Semolina halwa and then it’s rolled over a yogurt kulfi and on side is tequila Strawberry. Be careful sensitive tooth… Yummy and chilly it is.Snowballed SrikhandIf you love Srikhand then you must go to this place just to have this snowball Srikhand. Big size ball of Srikhand that is hard on outside and super creamy and soft inside. The best Srikhand I ever had undoubtedly. And also you can’t finish it all b yourself so take someone along.Overall had an amazing amazing time at In-Q and this is my place to go for some our time.We had a great time and the service was amazing. This place is not for you if you want to have a quick meal, it’s a boutique property so visit it when you want to indulge in warm ambience, soothing music and breath taking dishes. A place that really lets you to slow down for a meal and enjoy it in otherwise a fast paced world. The chef has really put in a lot in every dish and it is really heart warming.

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A self proclaimed storyteller who loves food and is a health freak to the core. A person who has got a sense of humor to lighten up the most serious stuff. i love the life as it comes, planning is not my cup of tea since i am coffee lover. I brew my own jokes in all situations and love being my own audience. Happy go lucky is the attitude that i carry around. and i stay away from people who throw attitude(cant understand why they carry the weight of their attitude when all they can do is to throw it on others )

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