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Vietnamese Food and Art Festival at Honk the Club by Pullman

Food connects people across geographies and is the easiest way to know a different country by just exploring the Food of that country. So Honk By Pullman is hosting a festival that’s a amalgamation of Food and Art from Vietnam.

This week Hotel #Pullman with two lady Chefs, Chef Diem and Chef Thao all the way from Sofitel Saigon Plaza, #Vietnam is hosting Vietnamese food festival at their Pan Asian restaurant HONK. Enjoy the authentic Vietnamese cuisine and Art. Relish dishes like pho, bo la lot, Vietnamese sea food and much more from 6:30-11:30pm till 1st December.This was my first visit to Honk and I must say the vibe, Ambience and music of this place is magical.

Normally the food in a Food festival at any hotel is laid out in buffet but that’s not the case at Honk. And I liked this for a change. The Vietnamese food menu is curated as course meal and a lot of care is taken in terms of making each of these items worth a try. Vegetarian options are quite a lot that’s the beauty though predominantly the dishes are non vegetarian pretty obvious. And while you explore the menu they help you decide the order to your palate and preferences. So you end up understanding each dish before you order, unlike a buffet where you pick up stuff basis the visual appeal and plating, and don’t get to know of the food.Before we start with the food have a look at the Art display here that showcases the lifestyle and professions in Vietnam.

The decor at Honk The Club for Vietnamese food festival is classy and minimalistic keeping the core focus on the food and presentation of the food.

A dedicated table for the cocktails curated for the festival with 4 options to choose from.

And now let’s talk of the mains… Yes the food. With the menu we were served with crunchies and kimchi salad making it easier to wait for the food what you order.

Salads – There are multiple options to choose from. Of a total 10 kinds of salad in the menu , 2-3 are vegetarian and then you can create your own as well . I opted for Banana Blossoms Salad , and then chef also has send one more Salad.


Sup rau cu – Vegetable Soup : After Salad we moved to Soup and tried our hands on the Vegetable soup ( sup rau cu )

A clear soup that is deep pink in color due to the chunks of beetroot and comes with Asparagus and veggies. Hot and tasty. Just a perfect pick for Dilli ki sardi. .

I can definitely go again and just have this soup…

Vegetable fresh spring rolls with peanut butter sauce ( goi cuon rau voi bo dau Phong ) : Fresh vegetables spring rolls wrapped in the rice sheet with lemongrass and is served with amazing peanut butter sauce.

Main course : with every main course dish you have a choice of glass noodles or streamed rice and we went for both.

Broccoli with oyestee Sauce : A vegetarian dish called Bong chai xang xao dau hau.

The broccoli is very well cooked and the sauce was amazing. Had with streamed rice. It was amazing.

Fried Tofu with lemongrass and Chilli ( Dau hu chein xa ot ) this was the best quality tofu I had tried in the long time. Very well made and loved the texture of the tofu with a strong lemongrass flavor.

And here comes my favorite section of any meal. Yes Desserts. With multiple options on offer Chef helped me decide on this.

Ba ba sweet soup ( Ba ba Che ) may sound like baba black sheep and it truly bought the childhood memories of having the sweet potatoes in thickened milk. This one has Sweet potatoes with colocasia roots ( arbi ) is cooked in coconut milk and this was delicious.

So a big thanks to team Pullman and the 2 chefs from veitnam along with Chef Tangpau at Honk the Club for serving us so much love and taking out time to explain each and every dish.

The Vietnamese festival is on till 1st Dec and is a limited time menu only served as dinner so plan your table today and Enjoy Vietnam in Delhi.


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