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Where we Met Noida

The Starling Mall at Sector 110 is becoming the new weekend destination and this cafe right at the entry from both site is just my kind of place for a Sunday Brunch. What makes it special is – The all day breakfast and the coffee .

So here we are experiencing this place in less than a months time since this place got operational. Located at the ground floor this is a spacious cute cafe that has some really good food on offer. Small tables with sitting of 2 & 4 to a good couch space of hosting a family of 8 this place is designed to sit back and relax while you have your food. Not so fancy interiors , clear design this place is to just unwind.

Moving on to Food , this place serves all day Breakfast making your food choices easier, along with a good range of Salads, coffee, cold pressed juices, teas and lot more.

Beverages : We ordered for a Cold Coffee with a scoop of Chocolate ice cream and Green juice on the rocks.

All Day Breakfast : We started with our first order of Food with All Day Breakfast Menu that happens to be my favorite always
Why ? Well they make your choice easier

  • They come with a lot of food
  • They are a bit cheaper than the normal menu
  • And the Restaurant that has all day Breakfast menu has a good range of at least 5-8 options in this category.

Off course since it’s an English concept so you might found more of Egg based options but even for vegetarian you will found at least a few So this one is The Hopper priced for Rs. 295/- Hard porched eggs over a multigrain bread with creamy mushroom and spinach hollandaise

So what’s # Hollandaise , well it’s a French sauce formerly also called Dutch sauce, is an emulsion of egg yolk, melted butter, and lemon juice. It is usually seasoned with salt, and either white pepper or cayenne pepper. Hollandaise is one of the five mother sauces in French cuisine

Tomato Basil Bruschetta Rs. 195/- : No one ever went wrong with tomato basil Bruschetta. The crispy loaf of bread with these toppings makes it just a perfect pick for something to have with coffee and yet be Guilt free

Poached Pear 🍐 with Tender Greens Rs. 325/- : I love fruits in my salads as they make food so refreshing, and Salads palatable and I love the crunch of dry fruits and nuts so this salad was everything to my taste with walnut to add the crunch with tender Greens and the Chilled Poached Pear with Red apple chunks adding to natural sweetness and the feta cheese making it yummy.

Probably one salad that I had till the last peice in the Bowl.

Rajama Risotto Khichdi Rs. 445/- : Sunday happens to be our Rajma Day , as the Men of the house loves Rajama. So while we stepped out for brunch and the moment I saw this on the menu I knew that we have to order this. So here we had the Rajama Risotto that came with Typical Indian Curry Rajma rice topped with crunchy papad churra and onion rings over it with Ghee.

Overall the service and food Experience was very good. The dishes were very well timed. Inspite we were here on a Sunday and the cafe was almost full still there was no chaos. People were chatting on all tables but the service was so good that there some kind of calmness in air at the cafe and that’s what I just loved here. The serving team will come to the table and get down to literally wishper of any changes or suggestions they would have for the menu or taking your order. Small things make a difference. Tables will be cleared and cleaned without making much noise.

If you are a Parent of kids under 12 years this is a place for you to hangout as you can leave the kids in the Tingaland on 3rd floor and have a date with good food over a cup of coffee. While I went upstairs to get my kids there was a mother who was dropping her kid there and came down for a coffee while we got down. So it’s a great place for mothers who hardly get their time.

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    the best person make everything perfect… Always like the way u r working keep it up


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