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Coffee Bond Gurgaon

Coffee places that has a open sitting under the trees gives us the right kind of ambience for enjoying our coffee. Coffee Bond is just like that Cottage restaraunt that has sufficient sitting in the open. Visited this place in fall winters and just loved the setting. This one is in sector 32 of Gurgaon and offers some amazing food with a range of Coffee.

Interiors are also cutely done with Wood log tables and wooden chairs , only few are cushioned giving you that rustic feel of a cottage cafe.

Let’s Have a Coffee 😁

While the name of the place says Coffee Bond, it truly is a Coffee place and there are lot of options to choose from in hot as well as cold coffees with tea and smoothies and shakes options as well.

They have 50% of the Menu as Beverages menu and 25% of the menu as Speciality coffee menu so you get to choose from 22 Coffee options from Espresso coffee, Cold Coffee, Flavored coffee and manual brew coffee. Since it was fall winter so I chose a hot and a cold Coffee.

Naked Hazelnut Cold Coffee Rs. 250/- : A tall frape with hazelnut flavor in it topped with a lovely frothy texture is pure love for cold coffee drinkers

Magic Espresso Coffee Rs. 190/- : This is a signature coffee of this place and I was quite excited to try it after reading the description of the coffee. It’s a double Ristretto with textured milk. So let’s define this , well Ristretto is traditionally a short shot of espresso coffee made with the normal amount of ground coffee but extracted with about half the amount of water in the same amount of time by using a finer grind. This produces a concentrated shot of coffee per volume. Now since the coffee is this fine therefore can’t be mixed with normal milk so they use the textured milk in it to keep on with the strongness of the coffee and taste , truly magical.

Now a quick tip if you wish to pick this coffee. Don’t forget its a double Ristretto which means it’s a strong coffee , and milk is textured so it’s a Espresso but not for black coffee lovers. I enjoyed it as I like cappuccino and this one was very strong one.

For people who want to try plant based milk then can opt for soy milk, Almond milk or Oat milk for their coffee preparation and that was quite a first time menu Experience for me.

Let’s get on to Food Now

I was here for a chit chat with friends over coffee so food was just the filler as we were chatting and having a great time over our coffee. But truly speaking I would recommend this place for good food and more so for healthy food and by end you would agree too.

Protein Salad Rs. 350/- : When I opt for salad I like to have it nutty but normally the restaraunt serves them with very less nuts. But absolutely loved this order of mine at Coffee Bond. The protein salad was high on proteins served with lots of nuts , chunks of fresh paneer and quinoa over salad greens. And I enjoyed it like anything.

It’s a bit sweet probably because of the dressing so if you like your salad spicy or with salt and pepper then you may opt for something else on menu.

Cottage cheese sandwich Rs 290 : The cottage cheese sandwich was like the traditional ones made in multigrain bread and lots of cottage cheese tossed with onion in olive oil served with a dip. Tasted like the homemade version. And was very well grilled.

Pizza : Now if you object that I spoke of Healthy food and then having Pizza , then don’t be judgemental this pizza is made with oats flou r so there is less refined flour and more fibre and topped with veggies it’s a pure indulgence.

So overall I loved the place and the food , coffee is definitely worth hanging around for also they retail from the shop and online as well , so shop online for various roast coffee and Coffee makers

You may also learn more about coffee and different brews if you have an interest around.

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  1. Hey thanks for the recommendation. With so many places opening (and closing) in the city, it’s hard to keep up to date. Really like the exterior of the cafe. I’ve been covering various Gurgaon eateries for a while now, so new places are always of interest.

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