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DheekshaBhoomi Nagpur

In my recent visit to Nagpur , while my hotel was like a Stone throw from this place. I visited this place early morning as it was open from 7am in the morning to 8 pm in the evening.

It’s always good to turn into pages of history and enrich ones knowledge of people and places.

So why DheekshaBhoomi ?

DheekshaBhoomi is the place where Baba Shahab BR Ambedakar has taking Dheeksa and converted himself to Buddhist.

And if we are talking of Ambedakar ji why will be not talk of constitution while he was the one who gave that to us. So as you make an entry to this place from the Pedestrian entry the first board you see is this one

As you move further to enter the place main building on your Right you will have this huge concrete structure that has 22 bows that Mr Ambedakar administered on 14th October 1956 at DheekshaBhoomi Nagpur and these 22 bows are written in 3 languages on 3 sides – English, Hindi and Marathi.

Further right there is a Peepal tree that’s again a thing of history called as the Maha Bodhi Tree

Before you enter the main DheekshaBhoomi dome you have to remove your shoes or Camera or Mobile phones not allowed inside so one has to either switched off or have submit it

The Dome is really a very calm and peaceful that has Lord Bhuddha in a meditation pose. You can meditate here.

Further there are the detailed picture gallery of Dr Ambedakar that talks of his journey in Bhuddism, till his last day of 6th December 1956.

As you come out on your left you have Dr Ambedakar and Lord Bhuddha statues overlooking huge Park area of the Peeth

This was a great experience for me as I could peep into the history of Dr Ambedakar, but on a personal note I was not very happy to read the 22 bows probably for the first time I felt one religious or spiritual place was so demeaning to another one.

The Ambedakar University is just next to this place. And this place has no entry fees, you can buy books too at this place and they have a huge parking space.

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