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Awesome bakes from Dee The Bakerr

Cakes and Bakery is all about the freshness of product and the quality of ingredients used in the making.

While I pick up bakery products I try to keep the above 2 things in mind and while I am visiting a bakery I definitely look around for the hygiene factor.

Having growing kids at home 2 constant thing which one can’t avoid is Bakery stuff especially Cookies and Brownies.

With hectic schedules over the week, I avoid visiting bakery shops as much possible over the weekends to save myself from the extra calories and off course being nice to kids by saving myself of denying half the stuff which they end up picking.

So here’s one good delivery based Bakery I have found – Dee the Bakerr who is really great on quality and amazing on variety.

Cookies : Cookies are the easiest thing that you will find on my dinning table. What one may not know is the research that goes in picking them. To keep up with the variety to avoid monotonous taste.

So i ordered for Red Velvet Cookies , Orange Velvet Cookies , Choco chips cookies from Dee The Bakerr

The size of cookies was really good and each of them was a dynamite of great taste , while the quality of ingredients did the talking.

One could really feel the strong taste of orange while munching the orange cookie and same was with Red velvet.

Cakes : Dee the Baker specializes in Cakes and this can be checked out on their insta handle as well

So while I was looking for a smaller cake for my kids evening dinner with just 6 of us. As we already had like 3 cakes being ordered already as gifts from the close family. So I picked up this cake in a half kg version.

But since it was just six of us and I didn’t wanted to waste the cake so when I requested for half a Kg they agreed but said the entire design will be compromised but I said doesn’t matter I want a green cake and here was the half kg version of the cake. Looked cute and fitted so well in a quarter plate just the way I wanted it to be for the dinner table.

And just loved the layering in such a small cake , it was just made to perfection

Brownie : The chocolate brownie came in really handy packs and it was easy for me to handover these to kids while sending them to school. And the size is also good so absolutely value for money.

I would definitely try more stuff from Dee the Bakerr and the delivery is on time and very nicely packed.

The cakes can be ordered on zomato or you can directly call them for your order. On zomato they open at 12 pm so plan your order accordingly.

Dee The Bakerr Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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