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Momo Mania at Berco’s

There are not much places in Indirapuram that serves authentic Chinese and Thai cusine. But having Bercos at IHC has come as a great relief for the people of Indirapuram.

For a lot of people Momo’s are almost equal to God. Yaaaa they worship this particular food in whatever filling it comes. If you are amoung those than Bercos is your place to visit , with the Momo Mania , this Chinese Thai outlet serving authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine has taken the momo maddness to a new level altogether.

The range of Momo’s to choose from in this festival is really something to look at, yes it’s a complete menu with vegetarian and non veg options.

In Veg they have the following options

  1. Ginger and light soya vegetables @ 265/-
  2. Three Mushroom @ 265/-
  3. Soya Paneer @ 295/-
  4. Spicy Paneer @ 295/-

And here’s while we tried all of this

In Non veg options they had chicken and Prawns available.

Bercos serve both steamed and wok tossed Momo’s , as you like it.

Next I opted for a Thupka , Thupka happens to be a complete meal in a bowl and is always my quick pick for a fulfilling meal. It’s a noodle soup. And I truly enjoyed it.

Next we ordered for a dry Manchurian with garlic noodles

And we ended the Chinese cuisine with the typical dessert from this cusine , yes it’s Darsan , the fried flat noodles sprinkled with chocolate syrup and sesame seeds served with scoops of vanilla ice cream.

This is undoubtedly a great place to enjoy good Chinese food. They also host kitty parties for a gathering as small as 10 as well.

In case you want to have a close family dinner than the small cubicles are really a great place to sit and have that private space to yourself in this fine dinning like a first class compartment in a train.

So visit this place at Indirapuram habitat centre at first floor and have a great time over delicious food from the best Chinese joint in Indirapuram.

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