Healthy Smoothie with Oats

When your Dietician tells you we need to do something about your diet. You feel like not again please. That’s exactly what I felt when Alpana at VLCC Indirapuram told me that she is going to give me a Diet that is going to accelerate my BMR.

But as she briefed me on starting the day with this smoothie I was super happy. Not that I love diet food but more because one of the ingredients in the Healthy smoothie that she suggested had Oats and I had this oats Packet which I got in the health hamper early this month was lying unused as I don’t like plain oats. So here you go with my #GetRealFit challenge Breakfast routine.

So this is the Smoothie made with fruits ,milk and oats, have a look at the ingredients

  1. 2 Spoon Oats ( Made in coarse powder )
  2. 1Full apple
  3. Half banana
  4. 1spoon flax seeds

I have added some more nuts to this recipe, so what you need to do, Simply put it in a shake maker ( Mixer ) and your health smoothie is ready

You can garnish it with Nuts and seeds as I have done it.

Enjoy and don’t miss to check more health recipes.

2 comments on “Healthy Smoothie with Oats

  1. TechFlax

    Right and very helpful info. Thanks for stopping on my blog. You’re running a great blog. Love it


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