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O4U The Organic Beauty Store

What food is to our body so is the organic natural products to the cosmetics which we use on our skin. The ingredients are the key to any cosmetics that we apply on our skin and the quality of these ingredients decides the effectiveness of the cosmetics on our skins.

Everyone is going natural, herbal , ayurvedic and organic these days from farm fresh kitchen produces like vegetables & Fruits to the pulses , rice and flour we eat, even our beauty products are no different , everyone claims to be hundred percent authentic and pure. But is it easily said then done.

The products that claim to have the raw material that is natural and organic when blended with preservatives to increase the life rather call it the shelf life of our beauty products does the same damage as one can do after to a fish taken out of water. So while you may still appreciate the fish but it will not be alive.

Then what’s the solution to that, well the solution is in the traditional ways of our grand moms and their moms. They were far ahead of their times and that’s why their nuskas are a sure shot hit. And a beauty store in Gurgaon is doing just that.

Making us look for our ingredients of the best skin and beauty products from the most reliable sources. Where you ask ?

Well the Answer is #O4U The Organic Beauty store – That’s a recent venture of Indus Valley the house of organic essential oils and products. This Beauty shop is on the First floor of MGF Metropolis Mall of Gurgaon , easily accessible by MG Road Metro station.

What this Branded new store has on Offer ?

Anything and everything which your skin & Hair needs is available here in the store in it’s organic form , have a look for yourself. Though we can categorize it into Herbs , skin care , hair care and essential oils.

So what’s special about these products.

#Grown on Organic Farms : All these products are grown on organic farms. And these farms are under contractual farming , which means the Brand Indus Valley takes their sources of raw material really seriously as that’s make it or break it part of the business. So even if the crop yields good results or not a farmer is always being taken care of by this company.

#Use of Cold press technology : Well we are all aware of the Cold press juices and off course Cold press spices courtsey awareness around them. Well our Organic Beauty products are no different the essential oils and herbs use Cold press technology to extract the active ingredients in form of oils and powders and since there is no heat produced the organic products are more pure and effective in the form they’re being sold at the store.

# No preservatives : These products dont have a longer shelf life and I am serious about it. The products do not have any Preservatives being added to them that reduces their life but makes them Paraben and Sulphate free unlike most of international beauty products that have these added. Also this keeps the ingredients active and in their natural forms and are more effective.

The shelf life of these products is only 3 months and if we can believe what we were told is that there products are refilled regularly and so far there is no wastage. And they are using Glass jars to store the products that is a non reactive container that helps the products kept in them keep retaining their qualities till they are in these containers.

Another thing that was striking about this store was the size of packs , you can have your own pack size and order or buy as much as you need , have a look at what I picked, don’t miss the pack size. Also see every jar is a dispenser to create these custom sized packs at the Store itself.

Now it’s time to head for recipes to make great and effective beauty products , search them online , ask your grandmoms or read through the books but you are assured of nothing but the best at O for Organic The organic beauty store.

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