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Solar Calendar at T3 Airport New Delhi

There is so much learning while you travel and each and everything that we come across has so much to offer. If you have taken domestic or International flights from Delhi T3 Airport then most of you must have come across this beautiful copper bronze golden sculpture by Satish Gupta. While we are always in a rush and hardly get to spend time to understand what it represents. Well this is a representation of rich Indian History, the magnificent times of 11th century Chola bronze of South India. It symbolises the ancient past with an contemporary approach towards the future drawing inspiration from the past within. Let me decode this for you as mentioned on the board adjacent to the sculpture. The Lotus motif and the fire symbol are used as a part of the concept to represent Solar Calendar

1 – The golden flame on the top of the Crown represents 1 year.

2 – The two earrings represent the two seasons winter and summer equinoxes.

3- The 12 Flames on the crown represents the 12 months of a year.

4. On the base there are 7 rows of lotus that represents the seven days of a week.

5. The 24 Flames on the Halo signifies the 24 hours of a Day.

6. On the rear of on the disk there are 60 small flames denoting minutes and seconds.

7. If this sculpture is looked from the Top it looks like a Jet Turbine propelling the modern chariot of the sky in perpetual motion through our world.

So next time when you cross this do have a look at this from the information it has concealed in it , not just mere being a decorative on the Airport.

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