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Soiree Bar & Lounge Noida

Few places just take you by surprise, when you discover they are just not another bar lounge but a good option to hangout with family.

Thats the entry to the fun place at Soiree and I did not expected that my kids will have so good time. Many places in Gurgaon don’t allow kids. So while I checked on the reception the lady was more than courteous to invite my little monsters inside the Bar lounge.

And probably this gesture already scored a +1 for me for this place on the top of it this place looked beautiful.

We decided to check out some mocktail and ordered for a Virgin Marry and Sweet Heart, A good start of the evening.

So being north Indians our favorite pick is always Dahi Kababs and here we got 2 options for Kababs Dahi Kababs and another health loaded Beetroot Kabab. And we had both . Perfect blend of spices and crispy as it should be.

And the best part kiddos had the Dahi Kabab with ease and don’t miss the little bird and a rabbit on the sides of the kababs and you won’t believe those were carried home after we finished our Kababs.

Our second lot of drinks was A Fruit Punch and a Honeymoon – A drink blended with a scoop of vanilla ice cream just like the name both were loaded. And honeymoon unlike it’s name was a good pick for kids.

Next we moved to Soups and these two options were added just the perfect warm to the soar throat and was a great fillers too before we started the main course.

And then came the North Indian food, all time favorite Dal Makhani and the Paneer.

And the great time at Soiree ended on a sweet note with Gajar ka halwa in style

Just to mention while we loved and ordered the food , kids kept on requesting the songs they wanted to dance on and had a gala time.

Absolutely loved this place and with a promise to hit back again and try something new next time, we moved out.

So the first Sunday of 2018 was worth a Soiree experience. Soiree as the name suggests, Soiree refers to a evening party or gathering at someones place. And this place was super awesome.

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  1. Dahl Makhani and paneer… makes my mouth water too and want to rush back to India… Maybe in the Autumn I will get there…

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