Pranks with Food at Prankster Gurgaon

This place is truly adorable, while classroom was back to school this one is back to Campus. A place that is curated to look like everything from my campus and science students will relate to this more than the commerce students and I am saying this for the section I was sitting in though this has every corner of a campus reincarnated with food.

Liberary was redefined too

Amphitheatre to accommodate all the highs and lows alike.

And if it’s a campus you have to have two essential things rather three a Hostel, a Panwadi and a canteen

And the food was outstanding so let’s start with the food journey at Prankster.

Nitro Cooked Dahi Bhalla, Roomali Papadi at -20° Rs. 295/-

Yes you look at the dish and can easily get pranked for it to be an ice cream. As it’s closer to a ice cream that tastes like a Dahi Bhalla. Well garnished with the bhel and chutneys, is truly a delight to taste buds and eyes.

Take a closer look to believe it.

Kick Ass honey chilli potato pepper slaw for Rs. 340/-

If you have always dealt with cold honey chilli potaotes then this one is the solution as the potatoes are not fried but the potatoes are grated and then made into the potato fingers and chilli and honey is added.

Served in a bottle shaped dish , full on Prankster style.

Chole Kulche Doughnuts with gajar achaar musse and Tari dip Rs. 330/-

So if you thought Kulche aka local food from Delhi streets , but when it enters Prankster it’s get a make over. Less messy , more appealing. This one was a great prank indeed , taking the chole inside the khulcha to make it a doughnut, so basically a Desi tadka to international doughnut. And this one is not sweet too. And don’t miss the handful of presentation.

Bombay Tawa pulao corquettes with Masala papad and bhaji dip for Rs. 215/-

Best experiments with the rice perfectly crispy and loved the trick of serving it with the bhaji dip.

Vada Pao

Loved this game of picking up the Vada Pao under the rubic cube and chilli tadka over it. Served in 4 peices you may play with it or eat it.

Moving on to Main course , and tried this ghuta Palak and Dal Makhani.

Ghuta huya Palaak with Cumin Vaddi Rs. 395/-

This was a very nice variation of the Palak and these Vaddi added a lovely flavor to the entire dish making spinach dish taste much better. And look good too.

Coming to the Dessert ,this place is accredited to serve the best Jalebi in town. So this was an obvious pick and a great dessert too.

Malai Kabab Rs. 245/- : for once I felt I will be served something spicy but this was beyond the normal dose of Ras Malai. Let me first tell you what all it had , A Ras Malai base topped with loads of Malai foam and garnished with our very own Diwali s famous gift pateesha -Soan Papadi. And the trick to enjoy is take a deeper spoon to have all 3 things in one gulp.

Texture of Jalebi Rs. 325/- : worth being the costliest dessert on the menu , last one too but not the least. And this crispy net of Jalebi is must to have at this place. And don’t miss to check out the entire range and textures of this dessert.

Overall a great pranked afternoon at Prankster. When are you getting pranked.


Address :First floor , Site 8-10, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Call : 0124 426 6653

Take Direction click here 


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