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Quaker Oats with Keshar & Kishmish

As I have got onto the 4th day of my #GetRealfit challenge with Quaker , the treat gets sweeter with the Quaker Oats Keshar flavor with Kishmish. Yes it’s loaded with double K. Kesar that imparts a flavor. And Kishmish that adds the burst of sweetness.

Day : O4

Date :07/01/2018

Below are the 2 sweet packs in Orange and pink color. Kids insisted on having the pink ones ( girls being girls ) but I opted for the orange pack.

This is going to be a simple recipe and again a quick one,3 minutes precisely as that’s what the pack reads.

Let’s have a look at the ingredients of the Food2go4 twist for today. Ideally you don’t need to add anything as this is pretty loaded. And if you have an Indian palate then it tastes even better ,closer to a healthier version of our very own Kheer. ( As commented by my father in law)

  1. Dates cut in circles ( also used in garnishing )
  2. Cashews
  3. Almonds for garnishing
  4. Honey ( sugar was recommended on the pack ). You can even skip this.

Now just add the mix in boiling milk (215 ml ) , and add cashews. Let it boil for 3 minutes and it’s ready.

Garnish it with the almond chunks , honey , dates circles & Kishmish to add to crunch.

Let’s see why we should have this pack oats (as the pack claims)

  1. Made with 100% wholegrains
  2. Helps manage cholesterol
  3. Rich Source of Dietary fibre
  4. Good source of Protein
  5. Contains real kishmish

Anyways oats claim to reduce the risk of heart diseases so include it in your diet and breakfast is the easiest way.

If you have a normal oats. This can be created by just adding 2-3 strands of Keshar and 10-12 kishmish.

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