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Quaker Nutri Idly – Breakfast Mix

So here I am on the 3rd day of my health trail with Quaker Oats after taking the #Getrealfit Challenge and each day twisting the Quaker Oats Breakfast mixes to create my Food2go4 recipes to start my day on a healthy note.

So today from the Hamper I have picked Idly mix. Because it’s a Saturday and I love to make breakfast for the kids.

Though the Quaker Nutri Idly is already a loaded mix with loads of Nutrients and off course majorly Oats as main ingredient.

So what are we adding for the twist. Not much though,here goes the ingredients

  1. Grated Carrot
  2. Sun dried Methi
  3. Tomato chutney

Just add Methi in the mix with curd

And follow your normal way of making idly & sprinkle the grated carrot on the top.

And let it cook, have it fresh

So this was really a good one, best one in last 3 days of my Health breakfast.

Moving on tomorrow I am going for a flavored oats, as it’s Sunday and I am all set to load it with fruits. So watch out for the next healthy breakfast tomorrow as four more to come before I am done.

3 comments on “Quaker Nutri Idly – Breakfast Mix

  1. Lovely👌am going to try it and am reblogging it!!

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