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Quaker Oats Homemade Masala

This month is going to be my #GetRealFit month as mentioned in my new year resolution, while taking a months gym membership wasn’t an easy buy for me having a tight travel schedule through the week hardly leaving me any time on hand to hit the treadmill, leave apart the enery.

But as they say where there is a will there’s a way. So here comes the ketchups #GetRealFit Challenge my way from #quakerOats and with this healthy hamper a week’s breakfast is sorted. So here goes my 7 days series on Quaker oat healthy breakfast where each day I ll experiment with the products from the hamper.

Click here to know more about the challenge and you can not only get for in 21 days but can get richer by being a lucky winner to win 5 lac worth of prizes. While I am happy with the Health is wealth Moto for now.

While you discover What is Real Fit Challenge?

I am taking you on a health journey of Healthy breakfasts with Quaker Oats.

Day 1 : 04/01/2018

Started the day with some yoga and when it came to breakfast I went for Oats , picked the Homemade Masala variant for today from my #GetRealFithamper.

Making oats homemade Masala : if you think 2 min Maggi is the easiest recipe on Earth then let me tell you this is better off then Maggie not just on health parameters but also in ease of making this breakfast. With Oats homemade Masala it’s just a glass of water & the green packet of Masala oats. , Let it boil for 2 mins and you are done. ( No need to add Masala like Maggie , Quaker has done that for us ).

This was my quick fix for breakfast ever since it was launched in multiple variants.and now in 2018 I am back again to it.

But most of my readers know that I experiment a lot with food so here I am with a healthy twist to the Masala oats.

What am I going to add to this ?

  1. Pomegranate
  2. Dragon fruit
  3. Cut veggies – Tomato , capsicum & onion
  4. Almonds and raisins

And to answer why, that’s all I can put my hands on for today.

And have a look how this looked like ,not to mention it tasted yummy.

So go on add crunch and some munch to your oats and get going with a health full of bowl anyday.

4 comments on “Quaker Oats Homemade Masala

  1. rhiabeauty

    How did it taste? And how was the oats prepared?

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