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New Year Resolution 2018 

We all do this,  and we all keep it for that 1 Day itself. As we all live the entire years resolution in just a day. 

.Herein I have my list of resolution for this year. Which I am hopefully writing for you to follow as well. It’s a tough list to live up to, but let’s see if we can  

  • Switch off your social Media for a day : We have come to a point in life that not having our mobile phones around makes us more lonely then ever. But let’s start with the toughest one. Don’t post any new year messages on 1st Jan 2018. Dont forward any near year cards JPEG – GIFs or Videos on what’s app just for a day. It will not make much of a difference either by wishing on 1st itself. After all you have 1 year to do that. Kill me if you get a Happy New Year wish from me. 

  • Live life offline : Now since you are not going to spend a lot of time on digital, it’s time to meet people offline, sit back, chit chat, shake hands , meet a frd over a coffee etc etc That will add to lot more than just having a good day on first day of the year.  The picture below is just a pic. So move on to another tough one. 

  • Wake up to shine with your cup of tea or coffee : Wake up early and take a walk around. Go to a park near by or visit the Milk shop. Check your kitchen and make your own coffee. Now since you have your cuppa. Enjoy it with morning breeze in your balcony. And you will see a start of the Day like none other. 

  • Gym membership : Health industry looks at 1st January as the most serious business Day of the year. So if you are planning to take a gym membership Only take a trial of one month however good looking your fitness train is,  however good the deal on offer is Dont get carried away. If you are able to carry on for 1 month you will be able to do it for rest of the year. Else no point wasting money. 

  • Be kind to yourself. : Every year buy yourself some gift and give it to yourself on Day 1 of the year. I always tell the entire family to give me something on NEw year. That’s what my new year charm is ( black magic).  So let the small things make you happy and enjoy the small moment of happiness rather than waiting for a big one.

    And that day starts from Today, so take charge of your life with or without a New Year Resolution.

    Wish you a very happy New Year 2018😊

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    1. Those are some awesome resolutions!


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