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Rawat Kachori & Ghevar from Jaipur 

Jaipur is a tourist & wedding destination and most of the business in this city revolve around tourists and weddings. This city breathes on the hospitality and is an epitome of best in class mehmaanNawaji. No wonder the quote “Padharo mare desh ” depicts the essence of Rajasthan and it’s people.

So if you are in Jaipur you can’t miss to have a bite of Rawat Kachorri. It’s not only famous here but they have national and international customer as well.

Rawat Kachorri shop

So here we are at Rawat Kachori and let me take you through my pick from this famous sweet shop.

Onion Kachori and Dal Kachori : There are  2 versions of spicy filling that’s very famous here that’s is onion & Dal Kachori. Mashed potatoes and onion with loads of spices make the perfect stuffing for the most Famous Kachoris at Rawat. And these are jumbo kachoris.

 One is sufficient for one person. The Kachori is packed in a sweet Box. And the Dal Kachorri is equaly famous loaded with hing and other Indian spices.

Onion and Dal Kachorri

So how is this packed. Well that’s where the science is. Rawat Kachorris are deep fried twice to give these jumbo kachoris a perfect crisp. And while they are packed the staff hits a pen on the cover to create some holes that let’s the Kachori in the pack breath while they are being carried as a parcel.

Mawa Kachori : After aaloo pyaj this is the second most famous pick from this shop. This is no ordinary dessert, it’s a Mawa ( milk solids)  filled Kachori that is dipped in a sugar syrup to make it sweet. The Mawa inside soaks the sugar syrup to add to the sweetness.

This can be had at the store where the pre soaked Kachori is served as shown in picture. Else they pack it as well.

Rawat  is a hit because he understands the target audience which in this case is traveller’s. So this is packed in a very special way where the sugar syrup and Kachori is packed seperately and a hole is made in the Kachori so that the sugar syrup penetrates well while they are soaked later.

This you can soak after bringing it home, like I did abs and can be had hot or cold

Mawa Kachori soaked in sugar syrup

Ghevar : while in the entire Norther India this  dessert is available only in few months. This is the only place that is serving it round the year and is prepared fresh daily.

There are 2 types of Ghevar – Plain and Malai Ghevar. The Malai Ghevar has a layer of Malai on the top of the plain one.

Check the Video here – food2go4

And look at the beautiful malai ghevar , simply yummy.

Apart from this,  Rawat is also famous for various other sweets and Namkeen.

We have got some sugar free kachaa laddoos as well from here.

Overall a great experience eating at Rawat. This is a huge stand alone sweet  shop and restaurant. And it’s pretty close to airport hardly 1.5 km. So don’t miss to checkout this place before boarding.

Address : Opposite Polovictory Cinema, Station Road, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur

Call : 0141 2367460 /0141 2363593

Google Direction : Click here


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  1. Great post! Wish we’d known about this place when we were in Jaipur a few days ago, looks delicious!

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