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Ice Bakery at Panchsheel Enclave

Review of a Ice cream Bakery that serves amazing combination of waffles, shakes, cakes, bakes and ice creams. Located in South Delhi this is a place to go for all your dessert craving

Life is a sweet journey so dont miss to add sweetness while you are on this Journey, And Ice bakery is the perfect stopover to add all the sweetness you can think of at a place.


Gelato, waffles, Cup cakes, Tart, Shakes , Coffee, Mousse , Macaroon, Muffin , Tiramissu , Cake jar, Cakes etc etc,. Yes thats just few names on the menu if you go through the menu list than thats higher than the square feet area this place is spread into.


Cute small space with a lovely cozy sitting inside with Nutella tables (in shape), this place is loaded with Nutella be it the menu , Nutella packs on sale, Infact the delivery menu is in shape of a Nutella jar. probably this is the only place where you will find more Nutella than a hyper store and some twin packs are on 30% discounts as well.

Thats all the kitched of Ice bakery that serves amazing desserts

Lets have a look at the sweetness that i indulged into today at Ice Bakery.

This place is a heaven for waffles, when i shared that i love waffles, the first thing that the team here said then you have to try our Waffles , you simply cant have one, & the picture below only shows that.

Waffles at Ice Bakery

How to pick your  kind of waffles at Ice Bakery ?

The answer is very simple and right in-front of your eyes while you stand at the counter.

Step 1 : Choose your waffles – You would like to have single or you like to have double. Rs. 120 for single & Rs. 220 for double

( Go for double and Save Rs. 20/- as one will leave you craving for more )

Step 2 : Decide what waffle variant you would like to have , from 10 options – Nutella, Classic mapple, Caramel, Hot chocolate , Dark chocolate , Honey , Cinnamon butter, Mango puree, Peanut butter crunchy & Sugarfree maple. All the variants are served with a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream equal to 40 ml.

Step 3 : Add a topping at a variable cost of Rs. 20-190 /- from Nutella, whipped cream, Oreo, Kitkat, Marshmallow, Fresh seasonal fruit, Fresh Banana, Gelato single scoop, Gelato double scoop, sauces, Raisins/pistachio/ Nuts , caramel Popcorn, wafer sticks.

Step 4 : Enjoy heavenly Waffles customised as per your taste for just Rs. 200-300/-

Nutella Waffle with a Blueberry scoop

Tarts – Amazing tarts in various flavors and colors.

Tarts with Banana Peanut butter WAFFLES

Shakes & Coolers

Ordered for a Death by chocolate Shake and it was super loaded with chocolate and you can feel it with every sip.

Another cooler that i tried was one of its kind Beetroot lemonade , its a beet root flavored lemonade very close to a kala kathha flavor.

Another one which my friend had was hot chocolate with Marshmallow looked very tempting and the hot chocolate had a fluffy texture with marshmallow and as marshmallow soaked the hot chocolate by the end of the drink. and looked interesting and tasted good too.



Just because of its vibrant color and biscuit like appeal this is an all time favorite pick of my kids from Theos / Movenpick  and everytime i had to end up having it as they dont liks the taste much. so what is a Macaroon. A Macaroon is a type of small circular biscuit cake almost looks like a cream filled biscuit , typically made of  coconut, and/or other nuts or even potato, with sugar, egg white, and flour.the best part is it melts in your mouth.

This was typically to be kids first cake and has its orgin in Britian and italy.


At Ice Bakery the Macarons are available in a jar as Rs. 300 for a pack of 10 mini macarons. while a normal size macaron is prized at Rs. 80/-

Tiramissu / Banofee cups for Rs. 200/- is a great pick too.


You can also order cakes , coffee and much more here, In short this is one stop destination for all your dessert craving and the good news is that this place is open till 12 am so dont worry take a drive / walk to Pancsheel enclave and indulge in something more than just dessert when you crave for sweets.

Address – Shop 2, Panchsheel Enclave Market, Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi

Call number 011 64440000/ 33106564

Time – 2pm to 12 pm.

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