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Back to University at Cafe Knosh

School and College days are the best days of everyone’s life and whenever we get a chance to slip into the Memory Lane either by catching up at college hangout places, or meeting a friend from college is always the best moments reliving the good old days.

Cafe Knosh at Leela Ambience , east delhi is all set to take you on a rewind & replay to these happy moments with their #Backtouniversity Menu and a lovely decor complimenting the menu which most of us have lived on for years. The cutting chai with Samosha might not be the best option now but then it was The Food2go4. A hot Maggi with vegetables made any evening special and most of us have fought for that last bite & half of it was gone before it reached the table. Deep fried chole bhature had always busted out the stress of our exam time.

Let’s have a look at the theme in the cafe.

They have turned the entire cafe into a ride to college days and it all starts from the bus stand from where we boarded the buses waiting for one’s bus was the way of life then , while these days we hardly hit a bus stand on roads . And Don’t miss the school union poster their. That’s all the politics we knew back then.

The college play ground not only lifted our moods but that was the place where most fights would begin and end with the matches. Basketball courts, the badminton court were the points where most of the courtships started and became goal of life for few.

More lessons of life were learned in the library then just what the books in there had to offer to us.

The class board was the best way to wish a friend a very happy B-Day then. More than what a teacher would taught us, chalk was not only used to write but was a weapon as well used as bullets in hand guns. The most artistic person in the class used it as a canvas more than anyone else did for studies.

And even the eating tables at home or canteen were loaded with books and notes then the food we had.

Let’s move to food which is simply awesome here. For mumbai people a Vada pao is like a lifeline similar to the locale Train , so we were served with Vada pao full on Mumbaiya style with a fried green chilli on top.

Then came our best ever chai time companion Samosha with the Tapri’s special cutting chai and the best part was the chai Patty stall with rusk, toast and College days cookies, that was the Sutta point for most of the people. A lot that happened in college was discussed here, a full on newsroom.

and don’t miss upon the thirst quenchers then, yes a bottle of cold drink when more than 5 people will have one sip and feel like having it all to oneself.

Chole Bhature – who cared the oil was reused , not good quality, just a plate of chole bhature with a green chilli , onion and home made pickle made the day a smooth ride. and we hunted for that small piece of Paneer and that fried aaloo served in the steel Thali. Cafe Knosh crafted the same experience with the copy of food too along with the serving style.

Kadi chawal still remains my favorite food. Most Satvik and good to tummy food even if had on streets. and this one Ll take you back to school with its serving size and style, have a look.

And last of the stuff that I could put my hands on was the Bhelpuri , a food that I always had when calories were on my mind. Wrapped in paper this was the walking companion in most of the roads through the university .

Maggi – I always loved vegetable Maggi while the one served here was very close to our college Maggi but a more polished version of it with its presentation.

so what’s that you should look for while you are at Cafe Knosh for a trip to Memory Lane. just stand here in the cafe, read the board, pick your food from the best colleges in Delhi and one thing that served the best and just have a seat and enjoy the food.

The buffet will give you the choice to pick what you want to eat and still keeping the budget in your budget the way we always lived on a small budget while on Campus . the Buffet options starts from 999/- for a morning visit goes up-to 1999/- for a Sunday brunch. And they are serving this menu in breakfast, lunch and dinner at various prices till only inital 10 days in August.

So hurry before the Back to University menu is out of Cafe Knosh.

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