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Chill with Fruit Infusion Tea at Cafe Pluck 


Typically we Indians love Tea, and morning tea – the one with milk is still a morning ritual in a lot of Indian  households. These days a trend is catching up that is of non milk based tea, green teas etc etc.

Hyperstores are flooded with a lot of national and international players offering flavoured tea. These tea come with different  infused ingredients offering a different flavors to the tea and also killing the urge to add milk to the tea. As these flavors add to taste and are quite palatable.

So while I was at Cafe Pluck, Pullman hotel Aerocity New Delhi, this display of iced tea with real fruit infusion and with such lively colors, really tempted me as if the bottles where screaming out loud come &  try.

So before I talk about various chilled fruit infused Tea here. Let me first talk about the various tea which were used as the base for creating the fruit based tea infusion.

Just like Cafe pluck talks of its Coffee as around the world in 15 coffee,  the tea range is also international. From Darjeeling tea to Japanese tea  to chinese tea.

So while I tried from each of these bottles one thing I could clearly figure out was these were very different from all the Fruit infused Tea I have tried so far across cafes,  across hotels and off course the dip ones.

What made them so different with a strong fruity flavor was the infusion time.  Yes,  they infuse the fruits over night and the Tea are created every 48 hours for fresh consumption with an infusion which is at least 12 to 14 hours minimum.

Now let’s get on to the Tea, the Tea they are using are off course high quality.

They are using 3 different kind of tea leaves to create various tea infusions.

Christmas Tea from  Darjeeling : This is the one from India and is infused with apple and lichi to create 2 different infusions ( in the above pic the Tea on right is Darjeeling tea in the glass)

Snecha a Japanese Tea – this one is from Japan and is infused with mango to create a fruit infusion.

Gun powder Tea from China – this one is infused with mango to create a fruit infusion with mango and the taste was very close to Aam Panna in a Tea flavor.

So out of Baked Tea,  Lithilicious , raw green,  Rosemine , summer snob & Tea punch what should be your pick. Well the choice is very simple,  go by the fruit you love. Baked tea is a Christmas Tea infused with apple and is very very refreshing.

If you have a taste for  sweet tea then Lichicliious – infused with lichi & summer snob made for you.

While the Rosemine is equally a great infusion of jasmine tea with Rose and this is also very refreshing with an after taste of jasmine tea and strong aroma of rose ,this is very soothing. And so is Tea punch with pomegranate infusion.

It’s called jasmine pearl as the dry Tea leaves are  rolled as pearl and open up when water is added.

My personal favorite was the first one baked tea.

Cost – each bottle costs you Rs. 250/- and is served as it is in the bottle with a straw. Do so visit this cafe to chill with these exotic fruit infusions.

A self proclaimed storyteller who loves food and is a health freak to the core. A person who has got a sense of humor to lighten up the most serious stuff. i love the life as it comes, planning is not my cup of tea since i am coffee lover. I brew my own jokes in all situations and love being my own audience. Happy go lucky is the attitude that i carry around. and i stay away from people who throw attitude(cant understand why they carry the weight of their attitude when all they can do is to throw it on others )

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