Un-Boxing sweetness from Dunkin Donuts

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it’s good to be sweet then Sexy. And being sweet doesn’t mean that you are not sexy.

If you love Donuts, you should have this box of sweetness from Dunkin Donuts.

Who says getting a six pack is not easy. Visit any Dunkin Donuts store near you and trust me you don’t have to sweat an ounce to get your six pack. And then don’t blame me for the sugar rush.

And these are the sweetest and the lightest dumbles possible on earth.

So what does this cute Box holds, lets unbox some sweetness.

So I got a box with the following Donuts

  1. Glazed Donut
  2. Choco frosted
  3. Cinnamon ring
  4. Jelly filled
  5. 2 peices of cutie fruity for my twin daughters as they just love colors, more the color merrier they are.

And if I have to pick one of my favorite then it’s the cinnamon ring for sure.

Lets get on to the cost.

It’s Rs. 245/- with Rs 20 /- for packaging with taxes you pay Rs. 313 /- only . isn’t it super cool for the sexy six sweet Donuts.

So now #GoNutsondonuts


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