5 Tips to Choose your Mocktails wisely

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Most of the time when we are having mocktails , we never give a damn on the calorie count of the mocktails and always tend to pick something basis our palate or something that looks good to eyes,

Here are few quick things to consdier while ordering a mocktail


1.Always go by the mocktai that uses fresh fruits : 90% of the mocktails on the menu are always made by slush / fruit concentrates. Rule one to pick a healthy mocktail is go by fresh fruit preparations in soda.

2. Avoid high sugar content in mocktails , always ask your bartender for details of your mocktail even if the menu offers complete description of the mocktail. Check the % of the fruit concentrate / syrup which he is going to use and get an idea if its too high on calories.


3. Go basic when in doubt , whenever you are confused go by the basic like Virgin Mojhitos with lots of mind and crushed ice in it. this is the most healthy mocktail on the menu with lemon.


4. Go for Ice based mocktails , while we all look for a cool drink to hang out with always preffer a mocktail that has lots of ice in it as that would help you cut on calories as ice ( water ) dilutes the mocktail and reduces on calories.


5. Prefer Soda based drinks over cola based drinks. Treat your drinks with respect and dont drink it like water, sip it like wine and enjoy it so that you consume less.





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