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Celeste : The Heavenly chocolates 

“Celeste” means heavenly and a place that offers chocolate and is named Celeste is just the perfect destination for a heavenly chocolate treat.

Located on the main road in Meherchand market, Delhi spread across 4 floors including a basement floor while first floor and second floors are dedicated to Cafe Eywa by Sahi. Done in white color this is a beautiful luxury chocolate boutique.

History of Celeste : The concept of homemade chocolates that has picked up so well these days. Going by what Nidhi Bhagaria said,  She started two decades  back when there was no one  making chocolates. Nidhi Bhagaria is the owner of Celeste and have come a long way in chocolate making with over 150 flavors of chocolate being churned out and over 2 ton of chocolates are being produced in her Factory. She draws her inspiration from legendary chocolatiers of Belgium,France , Switzerland and the USA nurturing the long cherished tradition of excellence in chocolate making. Presentation and taste are the core at Celeste. Perfectly blended flavors, silk smooth textures, sense reviving aroma and outstanding taste makes them a cult above the rest. Over a period of time Celeste chocolate has carved a niche for themselves as being a great gifting option for star hotels,  Airlines, corporates and what makes them more special is their special packaging. They transform cocoa beans into delicious and exclusive chocolate bars and wrap them in unmatched luxury packaging.

Whats their speciality

“Best things in this world comes in a gift pack”,and this is 100% true for Celeste chocolates.Their hand crafted exquisite gift cases is a signature style statement of this brand of what they stand for.These outstanding packaging are made of wood, ceramic,  paper mache and are  collectible worthy.

  • What ever is the occasion you will definitely find one for your loved ones,  a gift that transform in a tasty treat evoking the essence of memorable moments for any occasion. Have a look at the collection.

So what’s the best part about this place, well going by my personal experience I loved the new born baby gift packs. While at first I just wondered why they have made these special packs for new born boys in blue and for new born baby girls in pink. But then got my own answer looking at them may be the kid can’t have it but the mom does need the chocolate treat and packed in such cute colors and handcrafted packs is surely a better gift then gifting those baby gift packs that come like rain while a baby is born and almost all are alike with products and things which a kid hardly gets to use.similar to the sonpappdi on Diwali only getting passed from one house to other.

Have a look at lovable pink packs for little princess, what can be a better gift then adding cutely done gift pack loaded with delicious chocolates. Trust me while I was looking at these, I kept wondering who in my list is on the family way so that I can pick one.

Have a look at few of the options to pick from for the lovable boys in shades of blue. And best part all of this can be packed with your choice of chocolates from the boutique.

So do explore this place for  your favorite flavor of chocolate or pick the best gifting option from magnificent bouquet of premium gift packs for that special someone. Relish the taste of dark,  white and brown chocolate for your kind of bitter sweet melody of pure chocolates.

Definitely Celeste makes the chocolate best and wrap then even better. What can be a better pick for that special occasion than a beautiful pack of gourmet chocolates.

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