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The G.T. Road : A Highway to good food 

The G.T. Road – A delicious amalgamation of variety of food, truly a gastronomic journey across borders spread across 2 floors is the new place to relish some amazing North Indian,  Mugalai , Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Afghani food at connougt place,  New Delhi.

As far as history goes Sher Shah Suri has built the G T Road to promote trade along sides of  river Ganges. Back then it was called Northpath meaning road to north. Then later it was named Sadak-e-Azam meaning grand road. But the modern day name ” Grant Trunk road ” was named by Lord William Benetinck.

Over a century ago renowned Author Rudyard Kipling refered this road as a “River of life “in one of his work and today while eating at The G.T. Road I can so relate  to this place  as a river of food with spread of menu across cities across borders.

The essence of life is in the journey not the destination similarly The G.T. Road is the epitome of good food that takes you on a gastronomic journey from Bangladesh to India to Pakistan to Afghanistan, all of this while sitting in the capital.Hand picked native recipes to reflect the true taste of the dishes across the journey in The G. T.Road.

As you enter the place you are offered a welcome drink just the way we Indians offer water to everyone who visits us. We got a Shikanji from Varanasi – truly authentic in taste as if sourced locally from Varanasi.

The tables have live grill and as we made ourselves comfortable our grill was put to action with vegetarian options as preferred by us.

The best part of the barbeque was it came with 6 different kind of chutneys to add to the taste along with the barbeque.

These chutneys were butter garlic, Nimbu butter garlic , nariyal, pudina, tamatar pyaaz, pineapple isn’t it a overload.I loved the pineapple one.

Even the drinks menu is on the go at The G.T.Road

We picked kinnu  Nimbuda , Seb Nimbuda from Amrit Raas section.

Both of them were good on nimbu punch but slightly sweet. Probably we had shikanji before this and that was too good.

They have an amazing chaat counter just like we found on the roads and they offer everything from golgappa to dahi bhalla to chaat papri to Palak pakora. .

We tried Palak Pakrora that was perfectly crisp and Dahi bhalla also made to perfection.

You know it’s the best preparation when you see it happen right in front of you by the chef himself.

Don’t miss on the neat and shiny preparation table.

Moving to buffet,  one of the widest spread of the buffet for a restaurant and you will get a feeling as if you are in hotels restaurant for a buffet dinner.

The best part of the food displays here is that they have marked the name of dishes along with name of city / country they are from in main dishes to desserts.

Tried so much from the entire spread and still keeping some room in my tummy  for the delicacies from the dessert section.

Now I don’t even have to mention how salivating and satisfying  this entire gastronomic journey was.

What’s special about this place?

It’s huge with very nicely done sections so that you don’t get intimidated by people dinning around you for your kind of dinning experience.

When you are looking for a party or a small get together at a place that serves buffet,  either your guest have to have the share the same buffet or the separate one is squeezed  in the space allocated to you & ultimately the entire experience is not that great for your guests.

But this place has nailed it with 2 separate buffet spreads on both the floors.

And if you have booked a space they will ensure that your guests get the privacy they deserve. How,  you will ask?

Get a dedicated area for yourself.

Not just that,  this place even offers dedicated meeting and conference rooms for business and personal purposes and this area is marked as Private space.

Completly separate dedicated space that has got the Facility for projection on the wall as well for presentations.

So whatever is the occasion they have the right space and ambience and off course the best food for your mood.

And right mouth freshners too after your meal,  again loaded with choices.

A simple tip to visit this place is skip a previous meal so that you don’t regret that you can’t try all you want. Don’t go unplanned else your bad luck. If travelling by metro this place is very close to Bharahkamba metro station.

Hope you will enjoy this high on food journey like we did.
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